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MIDNIGHT OBSESSION coming November 1st!

500 pages and end of the series!
Available for Pre-Order on Amazon and Nook!
(iTunes and Kobo pre-orders coming soon.)
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The long-awaited conclusion of the MIDNIGHT RIDERS romance series!

It’s the end of the line. Lou’s vicious scheme has succeeded in tearing Fiona and Jack apart. Even worse, now Fiona has no hope of ever discovering who murdered her cousin.

That is, until a new development occurs – and suddenly she’s thrust back into the gang war in Richards.

Old allies from the past step forward to lend their help, and Fiona once again has a fighting chance to take down Lou… bring her cousin’s murderer to justice… and maybe, just maybe, salvage her passionate love affair with Jack.

The previous volumes in this series are MIDNIGHT DESIRE, MIDNIGHT LUST, and MIDNIGHT DECEIT.

125,000 words. Profanity, violence, sexual situations.




May 17, 2016 – THE BILLIONAIRE’S REDEMPTION now available!

Part 5 – Amazon US

Part 5 – Nook

Part 5 – iTunes

Haven’t read Parts 1-4 yet? Click here!


The end of the Billionaire’s Kiss series is now available for preorder, and will be out on Tuesday, May 17th!


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The Billionaire’s Redemption is a full-length novel, and wraps up the series. (It was originally called The Billionaire’s Obsession, but there’s another huge series with that name, so I went with Redemption instead.)




The-Billionaires-Wedding THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING – now available! The sequel to ALL THAT HE WANTS and ALL THAT HE LOVES, and the completion of Connor and Lily’s saga!




Kobo: Coming Soon


Also, THE BILLIONAIRE’S KISS Volume One now available!

The adventures of billionaire Grant Carlson and computer hacker Eve Saunders, formerly only available on Kindle, now available everywhere!




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September 11, 2015 – THE BILLIONAIRE’S PASSION now on Kindle!


The Billionaire’s Passion, #4 in the Billionaire’s Kiss series, is now on Amazon!

On the run and out of options, Eve and Grant turn to an unlikely source of help.

But a killer is fast on their trail, and what was supposed to be a grand escape may be nothing more than a temporary stay of execution…

Buy it here now!

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August 18, 2015 – THE BILLIONAIRE’S KISS now exclusively on Kindle!


Hey everybody! I have a new series coming out today exclusively on Amazon – The Billionaire’s Kiss!

The Billionaire’s Kiss Part 1 –

The Billionaire’s Touch Part 2 –

The Billionaire’s Caress Part 3 –

The series follows a new couple, Grant and Eve. The installments are short – about 40-50 book pages each – but reasonably priced at 99 cents. And if you have Kindle Unlimited, they’re free.

Plus there will be a new installment every 2 weeks.

I know you want to ask, so: I’m now back to writing on Billionaire’s Wedding, and am doing it at the same time as the new series. I hope to have it finished sometime in Autumn 2015. Because sales have been very low on the Midnight Riders series, I’m putting #4 on the back burner, but I WILL finish it – and quite possibly wrap it up with #4.

The Billionaire’s Kiss books are exclusive to Amazon for at least 3 months, maybe more. I know that inconveniences my Nook, Kobo, and iTunes fans, and I’m sorry – but the marketing muscle that Amazon supplies for its Kindle Unlimited authors was too good to pass up. Plus, you can still read the books. Just do this:

1) Open your Amazon account.

2) Go here and get the free Kindle app for your smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer:

3) Buy The Billionaire’s Kiss at and it will appear on your device.

If you choose to wait, it will be at least 3 months before the series appears on the Nook or iTunes, maybe longer. I hope you download the app, though!

Hope everyone enjoys the new series! Part 4 will be out the first week of September.



June 19 – MIDNIGHT DECEIT #3 now on Kindle and Nook!



Coming soon to iTunes and Kobo.


May 25 – New Series – MIDNIGHT DESIRE – Plus Connor’s POV Part 2!

Hey everybody! I have three hot new releases for you all!

The first is All That SHE Desires Part 2, a retelling of the Billionaire’s Seduction from Connor’s Point of View!




iTunes hopefully coming soon.

Next up is a totally new series that starts off with MIDNIGHT DESIRE and MIDNIGHT LUST.


Midnight Desire Kindle:

Midnight Desire Nook:

Midnight Desire Kobo:





Here’s the description:

Fiona was a private investigator in Los Angeles when her cousin was murdered. Now she’s going undercover in the California town where a dangerous motorcycle gang holds sway.

She was determined to find her cousin’s killer. What she didn’t count on was Jack Pollari – the insanely hot, bad-boy president of the MC who takes an immediate interest in her.

As their mutual desire spirals deeper and hotter, the question remains: will Jack help her solve her cousin’s murder… or doom Fiona to the same fate?

Think SONS OF ANARCHY but with a female lead and lots more hot sex.

Oh, and part of the story is told from the hero’s point of view!

Now available!




February 8th – Want a free copy of Connor’s POV Part 2, and the first two chapters of The Billionaire’s Wedding?


All That He Wants (Part 1) is in a boxed set called SHADES OF SEDUCTION that is coinciding with the release of everybody’s most anticipated movie of 2015 next weekend.

And if you help me out, I will not only send you the first two chapters of The Billionaire’s Wedding, I will also give you the as-yet-unpublished Connor’s POV Part 2 for free.

How can you get free stuff, help me out, and get a kickass book with 7 other awesome authors for only 99 cents?

1) The publishing company is having a Facebook promotion. Read about it here:

They basically just want folks to post something on Facebook on Feb. 10th. If you sign up and do that, email me at and I will email you the first two chapters of The Billionaire’s Seduction, including the first chapter from Miranda’s POV, and the second from Lily’s. (Don’t get too excited, they’re kind of short.)

2) The boxed set is Shades of Seduction, and it should be available Feb 9th or 10th. It includes erotic romance shorts from Ella James, Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott, Tara Crescent, Kailin Gow, Amanda Lance, AJ Bennett, Julia Crane – and little ol’ moi. Fancy company for a little ol’ writer like me!

All for only 99 cents! It’s, like, a novel’s worth of steamy stories for a buck!

If you buy the book and leave a review, then email me with a copy of your review, I will send you a free copy (in Kindle format, Nook/iTunes/Kobo format, and PDF) of Connor’s POV Part 2, which won’t be published for another month. I still have to edit and format it, so it might take a week or two, but you WILL get it for free before anybody else.

So, for 99 cents, you get a great book with 7 great authors, and a free book from me that would cost at least 99 cents.

So, go sign up now at and email me, and I’ll send you the first two chapters of The Billionaire’s Wedding.

I’ll mail out links to Shades of Seduction as soon as it’s available, plus instructions again on how to get Connor’s POV Part 2.

Thank you, everybody! I really appreciate it, and I hope 2015 is treating you all well!




HARD AS ROCK (Part 3 of The Rock Star’s Seduction) now available!






ROCK ALL NIGHT (Part 2 of The Rock Star’s Seduction) now available!


You can find a list of all Amazon country sites here.

If you need to read ROCK ME HARD (The Rock Star’s Seduction Part 1) first, here’s the links for that!

Rock Me Hard_04_ebook –

Nook US –

You can find a list of all Amazon country sites here.

Thanks so much for reading my books!

Check out my romance novels on both Kindle and Nook

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294 thoughts on “Official Site of Olivia Thorne

  1. Hi Olivia

    I was just reading Midnight Desire, midnight Lust and then Midnight Deceit! Amazing by the way and oh to the end and there was something saying spring 2016 there would be a part 4 to Midnight Deceit! So excited for the story to continue and was wondering when that would be coming out?

    Thank you for all your amazing novels!

    • Hi Sam!

      The bad news is, I’m behind schedule. The good news is, I’m writing it, know the overall structure, and I’m roughly 50% of the way through. Depending on how things go, I’m hoping it will be out in late September or maybe October.

      I’m sorry it’s late – but thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far!


  2. When is book 5 of Eve and Grant’s story coming out? I am dying to find out what happens to them and how they get to their HEA. They haven’t even said the “L” word yet and I.AM.DYING. Please release it sooner than soon!

    • Hi Sunshine!

      I’m sorry for the delay. I realized that Eve was going to play a major part in THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING, the sequel to my series with Lily and Connor (All That He Wants and All That He Loves), and so I needed to write WEDDING to make sure Eve and Grant’s story didn’t clash with Lily and Connor’s.

      Now that WEDDING is finished (it will be out January 22nd!), I have begun on the final, full-size novel that will wrap up Eve and Grant’s story. I’m hoping the final chapter in THE BILLIONAIRE’S KISS series will be out in early Spring 2016.

      Again, I’m really sorry for the delay.

      Thank you for reading my books!


        • Hi Jamie!

          There’s not a way to preorder it yet, although that might happen still. The good news is that I’m 90% finished with the first draft, so I think it will be available in April at some point.

          Be sure to sign up at for an email as soon as the preorder or book becomes available – and thanks for reading my books!


    • OMG! I was looking for Book 5 in the Billionaire’s Kiss! 🙂

      I have to wait?…geez…

      Absolutely Loving The Series!

      Connor and Lily were a big surprise!

      Thanks for all you do!

      • Hi Vivian,

        It’s coming soon! I’m about 90% of the way through the first draft. I’m hoping it will be out in April 2016, or maybe early May.

        I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Have you checked out THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING yet? There’s somebody from Grant and Eve’s adventures in there… 🙂

        Thanks for writing in!


        PS – The book will be a full-size novel and will wrap everything up!

  3. Omg I just finished book 3 of the midnight riders and went to purchase book 4 and it’s not there. Then I read you put it on the back burner for now, WOW due to lack of sales really you should finish it and not leave s hanging because of that reason. That’s why sales go down because we want it can’t get it then forget about it when you do finish it.

        • Hi Catherine!

          I’m about 90% finished with the first draft of the Billionaire’s Kiss sequel, so I’m hoping it will be available in April.

          And as soon as I finish Billionaire Vol. 2 (or #5 – whatever you want to call it, it will wrap up the series), I’ll start on wrapping up Midnight Riders with one final novel.

          Thanks for reading my books!


      • Hi Barb!

        I’m about 90% finished with the first draft of the Billionaire’s Kiss sequel. As soon as I have it finished, I’ll start on the final novel-size wrap-up of Midnight Riders. I’m hoping it will be available in early summer 2016 – maybe June, but don’t hold me to that. A lot of it will be based on how the writing goes, and I haven’t even started yet.

        Thanks for reading my books!


    • Hi Miche!

      If you mean Connor and Lily’s story, you can get ALL THAT HE LOVES Volume 2 right now:

      If you mean Grant and Eve’s story, I’m actually going to finish the rest of the novel instead of writing it out bit by bit.

      I’m behind on my schedule because THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING, Volume 3 of Connor and Lily’s story, is going to be coming out in January 2016. I’m almost finished writing the first draft.

      Then I hope to have Grant and Eve’s story out sometime after that.

      Thanks for reading my books!


      • Olivia I finished Book 1-4 of Eve and Grant in 1 day and now I’m left hanging oh no! Please don’t do this, I stayed away from series because it’s too frustrating and now again this. I wish I hold off till everything is out because now the cliffhanger is killing me. Aside from Connor and Lily, this is my most favorite story I love suspense and mystery and you really got me hooked up with the story.

        • Hi Juliet!

          I’m sorry I left you hanging. 🙁

          Some good news, though:

          THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING will be available Friday, January 22nd!

          If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up at to be notified as soon as it’s available.

          As for Grant and Eve, I’m sorry for the delay. I realized that Eve was going to play a major part in THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING, and so I needed to write WEDDING to make sure Eve and Grant’s story didn’t clash with Lily and Connor’s.

          Now that WEDDING is finished, I have begun on the final, full-size novel that will wrap up Eve and Grant’s story. I’m hoping the final chapter in THE BILLIONAIRE’S KISS series will be out in early Spring 2016.

          Again, sorry for the delay. I apologize – I know it’s frustrating.

          Thank you for reading my books!


    • Hi Carol,

      I’ve been a bad, bad writer and missed my deadline. I’m halfway through #5 right now, so I’m hoping it will be out by the end of October. I’m sorry for the wait, I know it’s frustrating.


  4. OMG!! You’re killing me here!! I got hooked on Billionaires Suduction and loved Lily and Connor. The Billionaire’s POV I love hearing the story from his side and hope that you’ll continue with his side. Then I got into the new Billionaires story and I’m curious how their story pans out. Plus I hope that Eve gets a chance to make Miranda pay for crap that she put Connor and Lily through. Can’t wait for the next book to come out on them. I started the Midnight Riders series and finished it. I just read that you won’t be continuing with the story after the 4th book. I’m left heart broken for Jack!!! I really hope that you won’t finish it off. It’s by far my FAVORITE series. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I ride and belong to a MC!! But I’m BEGGING you not finish off Jack and Fiona’s story PLZ! You are one of my favorite authors! I do look forward whatever else you’ll be writing!!

    • Hi Becky!

      I’m sorry, I know I’m really bad at leaving people hanging. I’m really happy to hear you like the Midnight Riders series – I’ve got to say, you’re the very first person to say it’s their favorite series, so I’m really glad to hear that! Haha – yeah, it might have something to with you belonging to an MC. 😉 Who knows… if sales improve a ton over the next several months, maybe I’ll continue it – but right now, sales are so low that it makes more sense financially just to wrap it up to give fans closure and move on to the next thing. But I hope for both of our sakes that I’m proven wrong.

      Thank you for all your kind words – and sorry about the delays. I know they’re frustrating. Thank you so much for reading my books!


        • Hi Claudia!

          I’m sorry for the delay – I promise I WILL finish it. It probably won’t be until Spring 2016, but I will wrap it all up in one novel-sized book.

          I’m really sorry for the delay. If it’s any consolation, and you’ve read my other series with Lily and Connor, THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING will be out January 22nd, 2016…


        • Hi Priscilla,

          I’m sorry for the delay. The Midnight Riders is my lowest-selling series, and I needed to temporarily put it on the back burner so I could pay my bills. I did that by concentrating on a couple of other series, one of which I have been promising the sequel to for over two years. (THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING is coming out January 22nd, 2016!)

          I will definitely finish Midnight Riders, and when I do, it will be a full-length novel that entirely wraps up the entire series. I’m hoping it will be out sometime in Spring 2016.

          If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up at to be notified as soon as it’s available.

          Again, I’m sorry for the delay. I know it’s incredibly frustrating.

          Thanks for reading my books!


      • I too have enjoyed the Midnight Riders series, and am thoroughly disappointed that you would essentially start a book and not finish it, and torture readers that invested the money and the time into reading it. You should be ashamed, honestly. Don’t write and publish these mini series unless you fully commit to them. You will never establish a loyal readership this way. I have purchased all of your books, but you have just lost me. I am only one person, but I doubt am the only one who feels this way. You should reconsider your approach, and if you have a publisher who allows for you to publish incomplete pieces, they should be fired.

        • I’m sorry you feel that way. I realize it’s incredibly frustrating, and I apologize for that. Yes, I have reconsidered my approach. After I finish Midnight Riders (and another series I’m also behind on), I won’t be doing any more series in short installments.

          Thanks for reading my books up until this point. If you decide this is the end for you, I understand, and I respect your decision.

          • Hi Alison,

            I’m sorry for the delay. The Midnight Riders is my lowest-selling series, and I needed to temporarily put it on the back burner so I could pay my bills. I did that by concentrating on a couple of other series, one of which I have been promising the sequel to for over two years. (THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING is coming out January 2016!)

            I will definitely finish Midnight Riders, and when I do, it will be a full-length novel that entirely wraps up the entire series. I’m hoping it will be out sometime in Spring 2016.

            If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up at to be notified as soon as it’s available.

            Again, I’m sorry for the delay. I know it’s incredibly frustrating.


        • Hi Emily!

          I’m sorry for the delay – I had to put Midnight Riders on the back burner temporarily while I finished a long-overdue sequel to my BILLIONAIRE’S SEDUCTION series. (I’ve been promising it for over two years now, and it will finally be out January 22nd, 2016!)

          I will definitely finish Midnight Riders, and when I do, it will be a full-length novel that entirely wraps up the entire series. I’m hoping it will be out sometime in Spring 2016.

          If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up at to be notified as soon as it’s available.

          Again, I’m sorry for the delay. I know it’s incredibly frustrating.


  5. Hey Olivia!!!

    Aaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! You and your cliffhangers!!!! LOL!!! I was holding off on reading Midnight for a while in order to read the series in its entirety…..then was left hanging!!!! I’m caught up on the new Billionaire series as well. WOW!!! I keep checking for new releases (a couple or 4 times a day… What can I say, you’re still one of my favorite authors! I love your style and that your stories aren’t ‘wordy’. They are fun, exciting, and H-O-T!!! Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re amazing!!

    • Hi Korey!

      Sorry, sorry, sorry… yeah, I feel bad about those cliffhangers now, what with the delays…

      Thank you so much for the kind words – I really appreciate it! And thanks for reading my books!


      • Hi Kristine,

        Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you like Eve and Grant.

        I’m sorry – I’ve been a bad, bad writer and fell behind on my writing schedule. I’m in the middle of Part 5, and I’m hoping it will be out by the end of October.

        I’m really sorry I’m late on the book, I know that’s frustrating.

        Thank you for reading my books, and thanks for writing in!


    • Hi Tracy!

      Wellll… I actually have a new series I’m toying with… plus I’m trying to write the sequel to Billionaire… but I don’t have an exact date on anything yet. Be sure to sign up at for news as soon as anything comes out!

      Thanks for reading my books!


  6. I just wanted to say I loved the rock me hard series. I especially loved beginning of the first book. I’m happy the heroine got an ending that probably wouldn’t happen in reality, but isn’t that what makes books so amazing anyways? I just wanted to tell you that you did an amazing job. I your read series a while back and just got around to writing a comment. I just wanted to tell you I think you’re a very talented writer and good luck in your future endeavors. Sometimes writing endings that aren’t agreeable doesn’t make a book bad but different. I like different and thank you for giving us something that is different.

    • Hi Anab!

      Thank you so much – I really appreciate you writing me and telling me that you enjoyed the Rock series! Yeah – haha – that ending was a little unrealistic, but it’s the ending *I* would have enjoyed if I were Kaitlyn. ;D

      Thank you so much for reading my books, and thank you for writing me!


  7. Hi Olivia! I’ve been wondering: when will you release Connor’s POV part 2 and The Billionaire’s Wedding? I’m dying to read them!! Thanks in advance 😀 Love your books <3

    • Hi Ana!

      Connor’s POV Part 2 should be out in early March!

      The Billionaire’s Wedding should HOPEFULLY be out in summer 2015. I don’t really have a date for that one… it’s been tricky so far.

      Thank you for reading my books, and thanks for writing in!


  8. I just started reading your books a month ago and I have to say your one of my new favorite authors! I’ve gone through all your books already and am eager for more from you. Saw your responses to some other fans about a follow up book to Derek, Kaitlyn & Ryan’s story, and I’m sad to hear a follow up story isn’t in the works. I love this love triangle! Excited for the continuation of Lily & Connor’s story though. They have to be my favorite couple in a book series right now! I’d love to see them on the big screen. Continued success to you, I’ve been telling all my girlfriends to start reading your books!

    • Hey Crystal!

      I wrote you back in an email, too, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for the kind words – and especially for telling other people about my books! That’s one of the nicest things a person can do for an author. 🙂

      Thank you so much for writing in, and thank you for reading my books!


  9. I read all three books and I loved Derek in the first, and Ryan in the second and last. While all three books were enjoyable, the ending didn’t feel like a conclusion to me because it seems to me, it is just HEA for now and hard to visualize what will happen in the future. She mentions who she sees building a life with, will that change as she builds trust with the other, will he keep that trust? the other just stand by when she decides she wants to marry and have kids, how will choose that. Continue to see both and marry one, will she walk away all together(that was my sentiment for much of the third book, to let them go for awhile and then come back to one). There has to be repercussions over that decision later(well most likely). Would you ever write about Kaitlyn, Derek and Ryan later on to tell what happens with them? I would love to read about it if you do.

    • Hey Liana!

      Yes… you have touched on a point that a lot of readers have emailed me about. It was definitely an HFN (Happily For Now) ending. I left it there (and that was the plan from the time I started the second book) partly because I knew that if I went beyond that last chapter, the situation would have changed drastically. It might have taken one month, it might have taken a year – but at some point Kaitlyn would have wanted to build a life and family, and I don’t know how that would have played out. I seriously don’t. My whole goal was to get her to that point of overwhelming happiness and contentment, and let her have it, at least for awhile. If I went further than that, there would be massive, massive drama with Derek and Ryan.

      By the way, I wrote the entire series to try and construct a somewhat realistic love triangle with LOTS of drama. That was the plan from Page 1 of Book 1. I just had no idea how I was going to resolve it when I started.

      If you didn’t like this style of ending, rest assured, I don’t think I’ll ever be doing it again. The reaction from a lot of readers was just too negative for me to want to go wading back into that pond again, unless there’s a really good reason. I think from now on I’ll be sticking to endings with definite resolutions.

      Will I ever revisit the characters? I hadn’t planned on it, and after the 50% negative reaction, I feel a little gun-shy about ever revisiting these characters again. Maybe a couple years’ distance will do the trick, but… I wouldn’t count on me ever returning to them unless I think up some awesome, absolutely fantastic new plot, and I don’t see that happening at this point.

      But I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and I’m glad that it seems to have stuck with you. As I’ve told several other readers, whatever ending you want to write for Kaitlyn, Derek, and Ryan in your mind, that’s fine by me. Because everybody wants a slightly different scenario, I think I would end up making 75% of people unhappy – so readers devising the endings that makes them happy is a win-win for us all.

      Thank you for writing me, and thank you for reading my books!


  10. wooooowww….wow….love the book but the ending totally goes against some/my values!!!!…i can’t believe it actually … still an amazing read…cant say i would have read it if I knew it was going to end that way though… on the flip side, you are an exceptional writer that succeeded in making me go crazy over a story…seriously my entire family now knows Derek and Ryan (and i have a BIG family)

    • Hi Lola-Milena!

      Haha… yeah, that ending is probably pretty far out there for a large number of my readers. And me, too. 😀 But, on the other other hand, it’s a pretty “rock ‘n roll” kind of ending, too. Or at least that’s how I figured it. If I took the ‘drugs’ out of “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll,” I figured I better amp up the sex part.

      So glad you read it! Thanks for giving it a shot. And I’m glad your entire family knows about Derek and Ryan – that’s amazing and awesome, thank you!


  11. Hello Olivia!

    I love your books!!! specially the billionaire’s seduction! I definitely got in love with connor story, very touching and his crazy family 🙂

    I just want to know when are you going to publish Connor Pov and also the wedding? I’m very excited to read this!! I’m kind of person that likes to read a lot, and you are a very good writer, I’m fascinated with your style and your way to write is very creative.,

    I have a top 10 of my favorites writers and you are in it! I love your style.,

    So please keep writing and never stop! God bless you!

    • Hi Madelin!

      Thank you so much – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them! Yes, Billionaire is especially close to my heart.

      I finished Part 2 (All That He Desires) from Connor’s POV, but I came to the realization that I can’t just rewrite the series. I was getting bored. I like having written what I’ve written from his POV – it’s sexy to be inside his head – but I want to write new stuff where I don’t know how it ends.

      Anyway, I started Wedding. It 8 will be told from Lily’s, Connor’s, and Miranda’s POV. I’m not very far along yet, though.

      I will be publishing what I wrote for All That She Desires part 2 for 99 cents, probably in the next month… I’m just having a case of the winter blahs and haven’t done it yet. But it is coming soon.

      Thanks for reading my books – and thank you so much for the kind words!


  12. I am so emotionally invested in Derek/Kaitlyn/Ryan and was extremely eager to read Book 3 when it came out. Now that the shock has worn off, I re-read Book 3 yesterday (I highly recommend re-reading this book!) and I now feel better about the outcome. However, may I request a novella in 2015 (???!!!) to revisit this trio? I need to know that they have continued to grow and work their unique relationship out! I have so many scenarios running around in my head and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting more in this series! But regardless of your plans for this trio, thank you for writing characters that your readers cannot stop thinking about!

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for being open-minded and giving it another shot! I appreciate that. I put a lot of care and work into that book (hell, into all of them), so thanks for going back and looking at what I did a second time.

      I wish I could tell you that I plan to revisit Kaitlyn and the guys, but I feel like I left her in a really happy place, and if I took the story any further, there would only be heartache and tears. I want her to stay happy, and I don’t see how I can do that with another book.

      Feel free to hypothesize and fantasize on your own, though! 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for (re)reading my books!


  13. Olivia, great series “Rock Star”, you really write good and fun and with some sense behind the hot love story and all that “sugary things”. I have read the three books in a breath. All your characters were just amazing.
    The end is just what all ladies want and is Great, unexpected and brave. Good girl.
    Hope all around your life is going in a good direction and have Happy Holidays.

  14. Hi Olivia, hope you’re enjoying the holidays ! Finished reading Rock star 3 a couple of days ago and was left a little disappointed. Wasn’t expecting the direction you went with the story but you’re a fabulous writer and I enjoy your books! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  15. I finished reading the third book of the Rock Star Seduction series last night. And what an ending it was, Olivia. Wow! Did I see that coming? Certainly not! Do I like it? To be honest, I don’t know. Would I have liked to make that decision for her? Certainly not, whatever you do, it would always be the wrong one!
    Brilliant series, I loved it.

    • Hi Simone!

      Thanks for that! At least it was a surprise. And yeah, I kind of wrote myself into a corner – no matter what I did, at least 1/3rd (or half) of my readers would have hated it. Ah well…


  16. Olivia,
    Was so glad to see Rock #3 finally out! Seems like there has been mixed feelings about book 3 but just wanted to say I really enjoyed it ! I have become a huge fan of your books and will look forward to reading anything you write. Your writing style gets me so wrapped up in your story. Great job! Happy Thanksgiving

  17. Hi Olivia,

    Love your books and I’m patiently waiting for Rock #3 to come out.

    Just wondering though. Will there only be 3 books in the Rock Star’s Seduction series, or will there be more?

    • OMG.. OMG.. OMG.

      I just went into Amazon and realised that Hard As Rock is outNOW!! I was keeping tabs on Goodreads and it’s not up-to-date, obviously ‘coz it’s OUT!!! YAY!!

      So needless to say, I have purchased a copy and am currently reading it… *doing happy dance*

  18. I have followed your Rock Me Hard Series and loved it? Book two was amazing and couldn’t wait for the third. I read the book and felt you didn’t keep true to the characters. I was very disappointed in the ending and felt like it wasn’t something you would normally write.

    • Hi Angela,

      You’re definitely entitled to your opinion – but I can tell you that I structured both Rock 1 and Rock 2 to wind up exactly where everything wound up at the end of Rock 3. I had it all planned out before I even started Rock 2. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.


  19. Olivia, I was thrilled when I got the email thurs. saying the book was out.I checked koko when I got home from work yesterday and there it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had to buy it and start reading. I wish you lots of health and please take care of yourself.

  20. Rock 2 was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for rock 3. I was wondering what the official title of rock 3 is going to be and if you heard from your publisher of the exact release date. I hated the ending of rock 2. I’m hoping they can work it out but if she doesn’t forgive him, I can’t say I blame her. I cant wait to see how this plays out.

  21. Hi Olivia

    Hope all is well, I just want say a BIG thank you for the Billionaire’s Seduction series (which I have read twice now). What a great story and the hot and steamy scenes were well written and appreciated! I’m really looking forward to the next instalments Connor’s POV and the wedding, can’t wait. Thanks again.


    • Hi Linda!

      Good news – I just finished Rock 3 (which should be available Nov. 20th or 21st), so I am now starting on rewriting all of the Billionaire series from Connor’s POV! And as soon as I finish that, I’ll write THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING.

      Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for reading my books!


  22. I Loved these 2 books! Any hints on when # will be released? I think I can see your vision for this story and am Dying to see if I am correct. Thanks for the real feel of your people and their world!

    • Hi Wendy!

      I assume you’re talking about the Rock books, right? Rock 3 should be released at the end of November. I have to undergo minor surgery tomorrow, so it’s going to delay the publication a little – but it’s coming!

      If you mean Billionaire, you want ALL THAT HE WANTS (Volume 1 of the Billionaire’s Seduction) and ALL THAT HE LOVES (Volume 2). But I’m 99% sure you mean the Rock books. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my books, and thank you for writing me!


      • Hello! Very new to your books and work, and immediately a huge fan. Sorry to hear about your health issues and glad you’re on the mend. Here’s my big question…..

        Do your books/stories “overlap” in any way?? I’m reading the Billionaire series (for the 2nd time) and I can’t help but think the mystery couple who caught Lilly and Connor “in the throes” in Vegas sound descriptively a lot like Derek Kane (“a rock and roll dude with tattoos”) and the woman he gets caught with at the end of Rock 2 (tall, black hair, pretty features, green eyes and tan skin). Am I on to something or am I reaching?? I’m at about to have a duck waiting on Rock 3 to come out….like literally have a duck. I want so bad for Derek and Kaitlyn to work it out but something tells me that ain’t gonna happen. You know, a tiny little sneak peek would make a whole lotta peeps (me me me!) VERY happy! Lol keep up the good work!!

        • Hi there!

          Thanks so much for reading my books – I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying them!

          Haha, sharp eye on catching that couple. I originally DID want that to be Derek and Kaitlyn – but I hadn’t even started the Rock books yet, and I eventually changed Kaitlyn’s appearance to blonde. I then abandoned the notion that it was Kaitlyn and Derek… BUT… it could possibly be Derek and the woman at the end of Rock 2. That IS why I specifically kept the description of her the same. Good catch!

          Welllll… I can’t really post much of a sneak peek without giving away a lot about what happens in the beginning of the book – but the good news is that Rock 3 should be available next Thursday or Friday, Nov. 20th or 21st! I’ll know more as soon as my editors get finished with it this weekend. If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up at to get notified – and make sure my automatic reply doesn’t get lost in your Spam folder!

          Thanks so much for writing in, and thanks for reading my books!


  23. O my gosh Olivia I waited so long for rock all night and I sure loved absolutely every minute of it except Derek been a major jerk and that cliffhanger that’s got me in knots. I’m so angry with Derek right now and I can’t wait for hard as rock because that’s all I can think about now

    • Hi Brianna!

      So glad you enjoyed Rock All Night – thanks for letting me know!

      Yeah, there’s a band of readers with pitchforks and torches who want to go after Derek. I’ll let ’em know if you’re interested in joining them. 🙂

      Seriously, though, I think you’ll enjoy seeing Derek grovel in Rock 3 – although it might not end up the way everybody thinks…

      Thanks for reading my books!


  24. hi olivia..i’m sorry coz i really can’t read #2 untill i know what awaits me at the end of #3…such a mess i am…what can i say, you presented us with a love story so beautiful and special it made me wanted to believe that true love can survive anything…

    • Hey Anne!

      No need to be sorry – I actually told all my readers who hate cliffhangers not to read Part 2, because the ending was brutal! Trust me, you made the right choice. And you won’t have to wait too much longer for Rock 3.

      I think Rock 3 is going to be out in late November now – I have to have an operation next week, which isn’t that serious, but it’s probably going to put a crimp in my writing time. The good news is it’s about 90% finished, although I do have to write in a few sex scenes I skipped.

      This way you can do a marathon book reading one weekend. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my books – and thank you so much for the kind words!


  25. Oliva!!! Im a fan all the way from the Philippines and I really really love your books!!!! Rockstar’s Seduction book 2 is sooooo good!!! Please release the third book already, the suspense is killing meeee 🙁

    • Hey Tricia!

      Thanks so much – and I promise, I’ll release it as soon as I can! I’m thinking it will probably be out in mid-November, though I’m not sure of the date yet.

      Thanks for writing in!


  26. I am a huge fan. I was wondering when you will release the 3rd book. I read the first two in about a day and I cannot wait for the 3rd book. I read in a blog post that you had mentioned being halfway through. Do you still anticipate a November release?


    • Hi Tracy!

      Wow – you read FAST! 🙂

      I’m hoping for a mid-November release. Still not sure of the date, but that’s what I’m aiming for.

      Thanks for writing in!


  27. Hi Olivia,

    I really loved Rock Star Seduction books. Can’t wait for book 3 to find out what happends with Derek and Kaitlyn!!! When the third book will be published?

    • P.S. I was heartbroken in the ending of the second book.I wanted to kill Derek…Please can you give me a hint or something about what will happen?

    • Hi Ana!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m hoping that Rock 3 will be ready mid-November.

      Haha – you’re in good company, because a ton of other people wanted to kill him, too! I can’t really give anything away, other than to say that Rock 3 will be an emotional rollercoaster.

      Thanks so much for reading my books, and for writing in!


  28. Hi Olivia!
    This is my first time reading your books but I just finished Rock Me Hard and Rock All Night back to back! Love both books but that cliffhanger just killed me! It makes me want to punch something thinking it’s Derek

    • Hey Elaine!

      Yeah, sorry about that cliffhanger – it was a brutal one. And you’re in good company: nearly everybody who has written me about Rock 2’s ending has wanted to kill or seriously injure Derek!

      Thanks for reading my books and for writing in!


  29. I am officially blurry eyed after finishing both the rock books in one night. I can’t stop getting teary eyed with the ending in the last one. I know its not real bla bla boa, but I was so drawn in that my heart utterly broke. I truly want to believe it was a mistake or even a dream, but I am not am I? (wipes my nose on sleeve)
    Thank you for amazing writing, although now I can’t stop crying!!!

    • I totally agree with your post….except I was ANGRY more than crying! Please let that last part be a dream……but I know it isn’t……agh!!! How could he???????

    • Hi Janine!

      Holy cow – how did you read them both in one night?! No wonder you were blurry eyed!

      Sorry about that ending, I know it was brutal. No… I wish you were dreaming, but it was real. I’m sorry it made you cry – but thank you so much for reading my books and for writing in!


  30. I’m honestly dying of the wait for the next Rock book, I feel like my insides are going to explode! the ending left me torn into pieces but I just can’t stop reading you books. Do you have any idea when the next Rock book will be out?

    • Hi Mika!

      Whatever you do, DON’T LET YOUR INSIDES EXPLODE!

      I’m hoping Rock 3 will be out sometime in November. I just passed 60,000 words the other day. Rock 2 was 120,000 words, so I should roughly be halfway through. Maybe even more than halfway if this one is shorter. But it’s a good sign – I’m making progress a lot faster on this one! And if I finish it sooner than November, I’ll put it out sooner, I promise.

      Thanks so much for reading my books – sorry the ending on that last one was so rough!


    • Hi Alicia!

      Thanks so much! I’m assuming you mean Rock 3? I just had to ask, since I still occasionally get emails about “When’s Billionaire Part 5 coming out?” (For anyone in that situation reading this, don’t feel bad, I screwed up on that one. In fact, I think I’m going to publish 5, 6, and 7 separately just so people who aren’t on my email list know which book they’re supposed to buy instead of magically knowing they’re supposed to get ALL THAT HE LOVES Volume 2.)

      Anyway, Alicia, sorry for that digression! I just passed 60,000 words on Rock 3. Since Rock 2 was 120,000 words, I’m hoping I’m halfway done. I won’t know until I get to the end, but I think I’m about halfway done – in which case I’m hoping the book will be ready sometime in early November. I HOPE. Not entirely sure yet.

      Thanks so much for reading the books, and thanks for writing in!


  31. Hi Olivia,

    I started Rock All Night at 1:00pm yesterday and could not put your book down, I ended up not having dinner because I was so into this book, I finally finished the book this morning at 2:00 am and let’s just say I should of waited until I got a good night rest to finish. I was so upset with Derek, and I had a feeling that was the direction this book was heading into. Poor Kaitlyn and everyone warned her. I love Ryan he is a wonderful guy so that being said I can’t decided who I would like Kaitlyn to end up with, Derek or Ryan. Thank you for writing all your great stories. I will continue to wait patiently for the next book to come out.

    • Hi Judith!

      Thank you so much for the kind words – and sorry about such a brutal cliffhanger, especially at 2AM! Oh my gosh, I’m sure THAT wasn’t a good night’s sleep!

      I can promise you this much about Rock 3: it will be an emotional rollercoaster, that’s for sure. But no brutal cliffhangers at the end, at least. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my books, and thank you for writing me!


  32. Hi Olivia
    I just wanted to say wow. To be honest I had never read any of your books until now and I’ve just finished every book you’ve written and I must say the way Rock all night ended is killing me! I have a gut full of anxiety for The poor girl! Derek defiantly needs to pull it together or he’s going to lose her again…. But it will be his own fault!! I’m a real sap for a happy endings lol so I’m hoping something good will happen in the end!!

    • Hi Becky,

      Thank you so much for writing in! Yeah, sorry about that cliffhanger… that was probably the roughest one I’ve ever written that doesn’t have an immediate follow-up. (I specifically published Parts 5-7 of Billionaire at one time because 5 & 6’s endings were so brutal.)

      The good news is, I only torture my readers while the series is ongoing. I don’t like downer endings. Now, that being said, what I have planned for the ending of the Rock series isn’t going to make everyone happy – but *I* think it’s a happy ending. I hope you will, too, when it finally comes out.

      Thank you so much for reading my books!


      • Hi Olivia……i loved n enjoyed reading the Rock me hard & Rock all night…its really amazing the way u brought with such a nice combo of emotions , feelings , suspense ,entertainment all at the same time…. really hats off to u… m reading ur books fr the very first time n m eagerly waiting for the third part to be released soon…. hope u’ll rock it again…(rock all of us again :))

        • Hi Jyoti!

          I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Rock books – thank you so much for writing in and telling me, and thank you for all your kind words!

          If you haven’t yet, definitely check out my Billionaire’s Seduction series. The first one, ALL THAT HE WANTS (Part 1) is free on all major ebook sites:

          That series can hopefully give you something to enjoy until Rock 3 is out. Thanks so much for reading my books! 🙂


  33. i loooooooooooooooooovve you AND your books they are AMAAAZing!!!!……that said i’m totally TEAM DEREK (rock me hard)…..i know he’s an ASSHOLE.. BUT he loves her, i MEAN he waited for FIVE years and he wrote all those songs…..i looove ryan too but kaitlyn and derek totally deserve to finally be together……it would be so heartbreaking if they don’t end up together after all they have been through!!!!

    • Hi Lola!

      I can promise you this about Book 3 – it’s going to be a wild rollercoaster of a ride, whether you’re Team Derek or Team Ryan. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the kind words, thank you for writing in, and thanks for reading my books!


  34. Hi Olivia,

    Well what can I say that others havent already said! Derek really needs to sort his S**T out but in the end i hope Kaitlin ends up with Ryan as I really dont think Derek deserves her!

    Can’t bloody wait for book #3, the suspense is killing me!

    I absolutley Love your books!!!

    I have read all four books of the Billionaire’s seduction & am going to be reading book #5 soon

    Hope your feeling well.

    Love Liz! x x

    • Hey Liz!

      Haha – we have another one for Team Ryan!

      Derek will definitely be doing some sorting out of his s**t. 😀 And some paying for his sins.

      Thank you so much – I DO feel better. August has been pretty good to me health-wise.

      You probably already know this, but after the fourth book of the Billionaire’s Seduction, you’ll want ALL THAT HE LOVES (Volume 2). It contains Parts 5-7.

      Thanks again so much for writing in, and for reading my books!


      • I think it would be messed up for her to end up with Ryan. She says too many times Why cant she like Ryan like she likes Derek. That would be like her settling and Ryan would know it. And she loves Derek, and he loves her, But what I can gather is that he’s scared to let her in again. After all he made that move the first book and she chose someone else. So I can see where he’s coming from messed up what he did. But I’m so seeing Katlyn and Derek in the end. Can’t wait for book 3. When is that by the way…I keep looking and waiting.

        • Hey Brittany!

          Hmmmmm… you have some good logic on your side there. But a LOT will be happening in the beginning of Book 3… which I can’t comment on at this time. 🙂

          I can see you are solidly on Team Derek, though. 😀

          Rock 3 will hopefully be out sometime in November. I just passed 60,000 words the other day. Rock 2 was 120,000 words, so I should roughly be halfway through. Maybe even more than halfway if this one is shorter. But it’s a good sign – I’m making progress a lot faster on this one!

          Thanks for writing in, and thank you for reading my books!


          • Solid team Derek. I mean relationships go through a lot anyways. And She’s pushing things this time because he is a rockstar. Can’t wait to read his excuse and see what happens and all that. It’s just gonna be interesting all around. But I mean I see where she is afraid not to go for it because she doesn’t want to lose him again. But he just remembers her turning him down for that clingy possessive jerkoff of a boyfriend from the first book and I always figure if they accuse you of cheating they are doing the cheating. So who’s to say dipstick didn’t cheat on her and boy wouldn’t that be a twist. I just can’t wait I’m sooooo excited. :)) eek! Just even if she and Derek don’t end up together because he has a lot of trust issues to work through and now a lot to make up for, and she now has trust issues to work through too, I don’t think she should end up with Ryan though Derek should get punched…Lol. But I would love to see a wedding and kids. Now that would be a good ending for them I mean years in love and finally they trust each other enough… it would just be a great way to show that not all players stay that way. Love your books. Can’t wait to read more on the billionaire and the rockstar.

          • Hey Brittany!

            I really like how you’ve thoroughly analyzed it! Hmmm… I can’t say too much because I don’t want to give anything away… but there’s actually a couple of issues you touched on that will come up big-time in Rock 3. I won’t say which ones, but you’re definitely in the right neighborhood of some things that will be happening. 🙂


  35. Olivia, I LOVED Rock All Night!! I am dying with the cliffhanger!!! Waiting for Book 3 is a killer but I’m sure it will be worth the wait!! As much as I want to hate Derek, I know he loves Kaitlyn so…. I’m expecting good things in Book 3!! Looking forward to more books from you!

    • Hi olivia,

      Hope your doing good. I just finished reading ROCK ALL NIGHT, and that was a jaw dropping, mind spinning, heart stop beating ending. It will really leads in wanting to read the next book, which what i feel right now. Can’t wait for book 3!

      • Hi Criezl!

        Thank you for writing in – I’m glad you enjoyed Rock 2!

        Yeah, sorry about that cliffhanger – it was a doozy. But the good news is I’m going pretty quickly on Rock 3. I just hit 30,000 words the other day, in less than a month of writing. It took me over three months to hit 30K words on Rock 2 because of my health problems – so everything is going pretty well (knock on wood)!

        Thanks for reading my books!


    • Hey Lorraine,

      I’m glad you loved Rock All Night! I was worried about people’s reactions, so I’m really glad to hear that.

      Well, it’s okay to hate Derek a little… he’s being an asshat. 🙂 But yes, you’re right, he really, truly does love Kaitlyn. However, he’s going to have to pay for his sins. To paraphrase another reader, Book 3 is going to be filled with Karma and Drama.

      Thanks so much for writing in, and thanks for reading my books!


  36. Just got done reading Rock All Night, and can’t even express how much I loved the book and how much I want hit Derik! Waiting to see what karma and drama have in store for him though, and all I can say is I can’t wait for part three to be released!

    • Hey Stephanie!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed Rock All Night – and you’re in good company when you want to hit Derek! In fact, I would say that’s been one of the milder reactions, which have ranged from throttling to kicking him in the family jewels to hanging him.

      And I think you just described Rock 3 perfectly: Karma and Drama. That’s a really good description of everything that’s about to happen. 🙂

      Thanks for writing in, and thank you for reading my books!


  37. Hope this finds you feeling well. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your first two books. All I can say is WOW! One of the best series I ‘ve read in awhile. The cliff hanger is killing me. I just wanted to throttle Derik. Hope #3 comes soon I can’t wait

    • Hey Pas!

      Wow – thank you so much for the kind words! I appreciate that. I agree with you, though – I want to throttle Derek, too. But there will be a lot of interesting drama as a result of what he did. I’m looking forward to writing a couple of scenes in particular, as much as any scenes I’ve written in any of the books I’ve done so far.

      Thanks again – and thank you for reading my books!


      • Hi:

        STUNNED is the only way I can describe my reaction to the ending of “Rock All Night.”

        Waiting ANXIOUSLY for book #3– LOVE the stor of Kaitlyn and Derek and CAN’T WAIT to see where you take their story next. Any idea when it’ll be released?

        • Hey Martha!

          Yeah, stunned is a pretty good reaction. For a lot of my readers, it’s been murderous rage towards Derek. 🙂

          Well… you probably know that I’m terrible on hitting deadlines, so I was pretty vague about the one for Rock 3… but I hope to have it finished by some point this fall. Not sure which month, but I’m trying to get it out sooner rather than later. But I’ll get it out as soon as I can, I promise!

          Thanks for reading my books!


      • OMG. So can’t wait to see how this plays out with the 3rd book. I want to throttle Derek so bad. He wanted her, he got her, he messed it up! That dog gone rockstar big headed ego. Just ugh! Hurry up with the 3rd book. Eek! I’m so excited the cliff hanger is killer. I’ve got thousands of scenes playing out with how this could go. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

        • Hey Brittany!

          Haha – that’s a pretty good summation of Derek in Rock 2: “He wanted her. He got her. He messed it up.” THAT should go on his tombstone.

          I’m so glad you enjoyed Rock 2 – and I promise, I’m going to get out Rock 3 as fast as possible! Thanks for writing in!


  38. Hi Olivia! Glad to hear you are doing better 🙂

    I just finished Rock All Night last night and I CANNOT get over the ending! I loved Derek in book 1 and I hope they work it out in book 3. Personally I would like to see Derek and Kaitlyn be in love and stay together. Your cliffhanger is killing me…I am very upset with Derek! ..until book 3…hope sooner than later, cant wait!

    • Hi Joy!

      Thanks so much – I *am* feeling better!

      Yeah, that was a brutal ending. I loved him in Rock 1, too, so the ending of Rock 2 was painful to write. But there will be veeeeery interesting developments because of it…

      Thanks so much for writing in, and thanks for reading my books!


  39. Oh…my…gosh!!!!!! I just finished Rock All Night and I knew how it was going to end…but, I soooo didn’t want it to end that way! I am DYING to read Hard As Rock!!!! Hoping for a FALL release! 🙂

    Let me say that I am so glad you are feeling better and back to writing! You are an amazing writer! I fell in love with Connor in The Billionaire’s Seduction and love this series just as much!

    Take care and write FAST! LOL

    • Hi Melanie!

      Thanks so much – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! I’m really happy that you like the Rock series as much as Billionaire. 🙂

      Haha – you and I are BOTH hoping for a fall release! 🙂

      Thanks about the health, I *am* doing better, and I look forward to getting Rock 3 out as fast as possible.

      Thanks for reading my books!


  40. I just finished Rock Me Hard Part 2! I thought it was fantastic!! I was expecting something completely different and usually when an author strays from what I thought should happen I’m not happy and stop reading. You did such an amazing job writing the story that I found maybe the main character should take a look at her choices. I can’t wait to read the third book in the series and see what happens for the main characters. Not sure what team to cheer for at this point!! The one thing I was curious about was did you know ahead of time what you were going to do with Ryan?

    • Hey Angela,

      I’m so glad you liked it! That makes me happy. Yeah, I knew I was taking a biiiiiig chance on this one. Some readers were absolutely going to hate it, I knew. But… well, I’ll reveal what my plans and rationales were after Rock 3, because I don’t want to spoil any surprises. But yeah, I knew how Ryan would be involved from his very first scene in Rock 1. Unlike Billionaire, where I kind of flew by the seat of my pants the entire time, I pretty much locked down the major plot events in the Rock trilogy before I ever started.

      Thanks for writing in!


      • absolutely loved the books…all of them. conner. derek (right now not so much). but the surprise of all !!! ryan. u have developed him beautifully. i couldn’t put it down for 2 days. read #1 again.
        hope u stay hale & hearty … to write Rock star 3.
        but please please don’t stop at book#3 i want to know where did ryan. killian. riley lead unto….
        waiting. waiting. being patient.
        love ur work.

        • Hey Harvs!

          Haha – I liked that parenthetical about Derek: (right now not so much)

          Thank you so much – and I’m glad you’re liking Ryan! He’ll be veeeeery important in Rock 3.

          Thank you – my health has been pretty good the last couple of weeks, knock on wood.

          As for anything after Rock 3, I’ll have to see. I’ve got the Billionaire series from Connor’s POV, followed by THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING… but I’ll definitely keep Riley and Killian in mind. 🙂

          Thanks so much for the kind words, and for reading my books!


          • I’m loving the Rock series and can’t wait until 3 comes out, but I’m glad you are planning to finish the Billionaire series from Connor’s POV. I really loved seeing Connor’s side in All That She Wants and I can’t wait for The Wedding!! I just now got to read Rock 2 because I just got out of the hospital! It was a great way to treat myself after such a long stay at Baylor Hospital. I’m also very glad that you are feeling better! I love your writing, you are very gifted in getting your readers to fall in love with the characters you write about. You really get us completely engrossed in their lives and interested in finding out what comes next!!! Look forward to more series to come from you (just finish rock3, Billionaire from Connor’s POV, and The Billionaire Wedding FIRST)!!! Please, pretty please with cherries on top!!!!

          • Hey Donna!

            I’m glad you’re excited about the future books! And I promise, other than some hot little short stories I have planned (that won’t take much out of my writing schedule because they’re so short), I plan to stick to the Rock 3/Connor’s POV/Wedding blueprint.

            So glad you’re out of the hospital! Congratulations, and I hope you’re feeling much better! I spent a week in there in 2009, so I know how much it sucks.

            Awww – thank you for the kind words. I’m really glad you love the characters – I know they feel real to me.

            Thanks for everything, and again, I’m so glad you’re out of the hospital! Get completely well soon if you’re not already!


  41. Hello Olivia,
    I hope you are doing much better. I am hook in all of your books I believe they are great and the female leads are not the typical girls that everybody runs over, they actually do say and do what they want. I am anxious and waiting for Rock Me Hard 2. Any news on when it will be out?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Just finished Rock me Hard absolutely loved it when do you think next one will be out? Saw you have been sick hope you are better!

      • Hi Pam!

        Thank you so much – I’m glad you enjoyed it!

        The good news is that I am VERY close to finishing the rough draft of Rock 2, and I’m also actually editing it so my proofreader can get started now. I should have an announcement in the next couple of weeks about a publication date. I’m thinking early July, but I’m not 100% sure just yet.

        And thanks – my health has been a little up and down over the last month, but it’s waaaay better than it was in December – February.

        Thanks again for writing in!


          • Hi Debbie!

            Thank you so much! I am feeling better – I appreciate your asking!

            And there’s good news: ROCK ALL NIGHT (The Rock Star’s Seduction Part 2) should be available by July 14th! To be notified as soon as it’s published, be sure to sign up at and make sure my automatic reply doesn’t get caught in your Spam folder.

            Thanks for checking up on me, and I hope you like Rock 2!


        • Hi Olivia,
          I hope you are feeling a lot better! I just loved Rock Me Hard and I cannot wait for
          Rock 2. To be released!

    • Hi Monica!

      Thank you so much for reading my books! Haha, yeah, I *try* to make the heroines a little different… I’m glad you like them!

      The good news is that I am VERY close to finishing the rough draft of Rock 2, and I’m also actually editing it so my proofreader can get started now. I should have an announcement in the next couple of weeks about a publication date. I’m thinking early July, but I’m not 100% sure just yet.

      Thanks for reading my books and for writing in!


  42. Hey Olivia,

    I absolutely love all of your books and was wondering if there is going to be any more of (All that she wants) Connors point of view? Also if or when The billionaires wedding might be coming out. I am a big fan of yours and cant wait to read some more. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Amy!

      Thank you so much! There will DEFINITELY be more from Connor’s POV.

      First I’m going to wrap up the Rock series. I’m finishing up Rock 2, and I’ll hopefully write Rock 3 a lot quicker than part 2 (I had some health problems that torched my writing schedule from December through March, but I’m doing well now).

      After that, I’m going to finish writing the rest of the Billionaire series from Connor’s POV. That will go even faster, because all the dialogue and plot is already established. And from there I’ll go directly into the Wedding sequel, which I’m pretty sure will be written from multiple people’s viewpoints (including Lily’s, Connor’s, and probably Miranda’s).

      I just realized tonight that it would behoove me to have WEDDING out before Christmas 2014, so I’m going to make that my goal – but no promises.

      That’s the plan right now, anyway!

      Thanks so much for reading my books and for writing in!


        • Hi Cheryl!

          So glad you enjoyed them – thank you for reading them! And thanks for the well-wishes on my health!

          Just to let you know, I’ve finished Rock 2, and it will be published in the next two weeks!


      • So glad she asked about more in Connor’s POV. I loved loved loved reading his version of events!!! Can’t wait for the wedding either. I’m trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and read the first two Rock Me Hard books… I love cliff hangars, but only when I have the next book to go right into. Lol! I’ll probably give in… I love your books*sigh*

        • Thank you so much, Lori! Glad you liked Connor’s POV, and that you’re looking forward to more – because it’s coming, right after Rock 3 (the end of the series)!

          I have to warn you, the cliffhanger on Rock 2 is insane, so… you might want to wait just a few more months and not have to be on the edge of your seat…

          But if you decide you want to chance it, it’s coming out Monday, July 14th! Whenever you read it, I hope you enjoy it!


  43. Hello Olivia,

    First off I want to say I hope everything is going ok health wise and you are recovering nicely, I know how scary some of that stuff can be! I also wanted to write you and say thanks for writing Rock Me Hard! This was my first rocker romance novel and my first book of yours (you are a great author by the way)! At first I was going to skip it because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it and I know from some other reviews there was a cliff hanger and i don’t read cliff hangers until I know all the books are out but I saw that the second book was supposed to be out in January so I did a sample read and I was hooked! I was reading it while I was at work and I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t care who saw me! Well I did care but I was so into the book that it was a second thought. But it turns out the second book isn’t out yet and I’m freaking out! I don’t know if the meeting between them goes good or bad! The way you left it I feel it could go either way! I won’t start another book until I finish a series so I’m just waiting! But are we any closer to the book being released???!! I know a couple another readers wrote you asking at at the beginning of February but it’s almost the end of February so I figured I would try and get an update if at all possible:)

    Any information is greatly appreciated and I look forward to your reply!


    • Hi Pamela!

      Thank you so much for the well-wishes! Things are getting better gradually, so I’m thankful for that.

      Aaaaggghhhh – I’m so sorry you started ROCK ME HARD and Part 2 isn’t out yet! I promise, I had every intention of having it out in January, but I wrote that in November, and then this diverticulitis thing hit right around Thanksgiving and blasted me off my feet for two months…

      I’m so sorry, but I don’t have any information to give you yet on the release date. I AM working on it, I promise, but it’s been slow going. I’ve got about 45,000 words written, but I haven’t gotten anywhere near where I want to be. I’m thinking Book 2 will be about 100,000 words (to give you a comparison, I think Book 1 was about 57,000 words), so I have a ways to go.

      I can tell you that it won’t take forever – I’m really going to try to have it out in the next couple months, but I can’t make any promises, especially if I have to have the surgery. I’m actually seeing another doctor this week, and depending on what he tells me, I might just throw in the towel and decide to have the operation. I’ll see what he says.

      If you can, please start some other books! I hate to think that you’re waiting on ROCK 2 and not able to read anything else – sorry about that, I really, truly am!


    • Same here Ive read all of your books and I love them. Just finished Rock Me Hard Part 1 last night and Im dying to read what happens in part 2. Good luck on your health. Pamela, you need to read about Lily and Connor those books your wont be able to put down.

  44. Omg! I could not stop reading the All He Wants series! It was Great ! I felt I was part of the story. I’m on book 5 right now just started it last nite but excited to get into it! I’d like to see this series become a movie! Thanks so much

    • Hi Janna!

      Thanks so much – I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! (Well, I’m a little late in replying, so hopefully ‘enjoyed’ the series!) Haha – if you ever meet any movie people who want to invest, tell them I’m interested! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the rest of ALL THAT HE LOVES – and hopefully you enjoyed ALL THAT SHE LOVES (Connor’s Point of View Part 1) and ROCK ME HARD, too!


  45. Hi Olivia,

    I just finished the whole series of Lily and Connor over the last few days. I downloaded the teaser and after the first few sentences I like your style and Lily. She seems so real and I have to remind myself that she is only fictional. I even looked up the link of Charles Dance after “Still waiting.” (Which was great, by the way).
    While reading I was laughing (especially when she told Miranda that at least one person in this room knows that she is lying), crying, feeling rejected with her, hoping with and for her and I envied her for coming across Connor and not me!
    I would love to read more of Lily and Connor in the future. In the meantime I will read Connors version of the story now and I sure it will be great.
    The whole book was one of the best books I have read in a long time and will definitely be on my list of favorite books.
    Thank you, Olivia and lovely greetings from Germany, Simone

  46. So, during the summer, I read the first four books in about two days. I was so excited for the final installment to come out. In the meantime, I had my coworkers catch up on the series as well so we could all be in the same place. I knew the final installment was coming out during the holidays, so I was just biding my time. Then finally! The final book came out. Not just one book, but two. They met all my expectations. It was not rushed and it was well thought out. Of course, I read it during one evening. I absolutely loved reading this series and can’t wait for the new series to come to completion. Bravo to you, Olivia Thorne. You have definitely become one of my favorite authors, if not my favorite. 🙂

    • Hi Tina!

      Awwww, thank you so much – I really appreciate that! Usually people tell me “But you have to write another book because you didn’t do X, Y, and Z” so I’m glad you were happy with the way it turned out! Although it’s official, I will be doing one more book to tie up ALL the loose ends. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

      Thank you so much for telling your coworkers – you have no idea how much I appreciate that, and how much it helps. Trying to advertise and get people to take a chance on me is the toughest part of this business. Absolutely nothing compares to someone getting a book recommendation from a friend or coworker – so thank you, thank you, thank you!


  47. I absolutely love your books! I read all of them in an entire night. I could not put my iPad down. I was picturing it like a movie in my head as I was reading. You really have a way with words. I am waiting anxiously for the release of rock all night! I am always checking my email 🙂 lol. Thank you for writing this series

    • Hey Samantha!

      Thank you so much – you read them all in one night?! Dang, you’re FAST! 🙂

      I’m so glad you pictured it as a movie – that’s exactly how I imagine it, both before I set down the first words, and as I’m typing. I’m glad that came through!

      There’s some bad news, though. I haven’t put it on the blog yet, but I’ve mentioned it on Facebook. I’ve had a bit of a health setback the past month, and will probably require surgery in late January or early February. It’s not life-threatening, it’s just a huge bummer. I was sick for all of December, so my writing output was greatly diminished, and because I just didn’t need the stress, I’ve decided to put off the deadline on Rock 2. I don’t know when it will be out right now. I’m continuing to work on it, but I know there’s no way it’s going to be out in January, and probably not in February. A lot will depend on how long it takes to recover from the surgery.

      Anyway, wish me luck – and I promise, I’ll be working to get it out as soon as I can!

      Hope you’re having a great 2014 so far!


  48. Just letting you know that I finished All That She Wants and loved it, Just posted my review on Smashwords. I was also wondering when the next one of Connor’s POV will be out? I love Connor & Lilly. Love this series.
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

    • Hi Mary!

      So glad you liked it – thanks for the review on Smashwords! I’m definitely going to do the rest of them, but I don’t have any sort of release schedule for them yet, that’s all. If you haven’t yet, definitely sign up at and make sure the automatic reply doesn’t wind up in your Spam folder. That’s how I’ll let everybody know about the next one.

      Thanks – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!


      Merry Chr

  49. Hi Olivia!

    First off, I have never wrote on an author’s website before. That just proves how much I LOVED your series with Lily and Connor. I had never heard of your books until a week ago, and I’ve already finished the Billionaire’s series! I have downloaded the Rock one and can’t wait to start reading it!
    I was in shock when Connor got shot!! Way to do something completely unexpected!! And the engagement scene was adorable!! I CANNOT wait until your next book comes out! I’m praying its SOON! PLEASE!
    You are an incredible author and I’m sure you have wonderful things in store for you! Congrats on all of your success! I will be sure to recommend your books to everyone!

    P.S. You should do a few more books in the billionaire’s series. I seriously don’t want them to end! Haha.

    • Hi Caitlyn!

      Thank you – I’m honored! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Billionaire series – and this might make you happy: be on the lookout in the next few days for an announcement. I’m actually going to be giving away copies of ALL THAT SHE WANTS (Connor’s View Part 1) as a thank you to my readers! It’s Part 1 rewritten from Connor’s viewpoint. Either sign up at, or check out my Facebook page or this blog for details.

      And it’s official – I’m definitely going to do the Billionaire’s Wedding, so there’s at least one more original book coming with Lily and Connor in it. 🙂

      Thanks again so much, Caitlyn! Hope you enjoy ROCK ME HARD (and the heroine’s name, too, even if it’s spelled a little differently)!


  50. I just finished Rock Me Hard. Seriously, just almost dropped my coffee when I realized the last line of the book was going to be him telling her he had been waiting a long time for that moment. I wasn’t expecting the book to end so I am dying now for the second part!! I loved the story and you did a fantastic job of building the relationship through flashbacks. I really felt the relationship grow over time and I appreciated the story not being rushed and the characters not jumping into bed right away. It will be a very very long wait until January!! Great book and can’t wait to read more!!

    • Hi Angela,

      Oh no – I hope you didn’t get burned! Sorry about that! But I’m glad you enjoyed the book – and I’m so glad you liked the gradual build-up and the flashbacks. Thank you so much for the kind words! Haha – for my readers, January seems so far away, but for me, I’m like, “HOLY CRAP, I said I would have it finished by JANUARY?!”

      Thanks so much for reading my books and for writing in!


  51. OMG!!! I just finished ‘Rock’ and I’m loving it!! I can’t wait for the next part. I love the backstory!! It wouldn’t be the same without it. I was so engulfed in the story that I forgot who’s book I was reading until you referenced the Dubai. Even then it took me a minute to remind myself that Connor, Lily, Kaitlyn, and Derek were all created by the same brilliant author! Your writing just keeps getting better and better! I’m a die hard fan and look forward to reading everything you deem worthy for us, your humble and grateful readers, to enjoy! Thank you and I can’t wait for the next installment!! You ROCK!!

    • Hi Korey!

      Oh my gosh, I’m blushing! Thank you so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      I really like that you enjoyed the backstory. I originally was going to write it with their college romance as just a few isolated flashback scenes, but I couldn’t quite get a handle on the romance that way… it didn’t feel nearly as intimate or real to me. Then, when I decided to focus solely on how they got together, something clicked. Also, a lot of those scenes were actually taken from my first serious college romance – the Dumbo scene, the kiss during studying for finals (even the line, “You kiss like a girl”), seeing a movie together (although it was “Benny And Joon,” not “Eastern Promises”), and the scene at the Krispy Kreme (although the real-life version wasn’t nearly that sad). Drawing from my own experience made it a lot more powerful for me – and hopefully for you, too!

      Thank you so much for all your kind words, and thanks for writing me!


  52. Olivia,
    WOW! Congratulations! I know you talked about wanting to quit your day job and write full time, I’m so happy that your dream came true. That is awesome! Nice way to sneak that information in there. You should be shouting it from the rooftops not sneaking it in. LOL

    Anyway great job!

    • Hi Patricia!

      Haha – thank you so much! For those of you reading this, I was able to give my two-weeks notice on Monday, Nov. 18th. I’ll be a full-time writer in less than two weeks – the company I work for was cool and let my last day be the day before Thanksgiving!

      So, now I can write faster and put out books sooner! Hopefully a win-win for everybody. 🙂


  53. I just finished “Rock me Hard” in 6 hours! Now I have to wait until January! I hope it comes out sooner than later, cause I am dying to know what happens! You said that your cliff hangers are like tv shows, but most are told the next week, I hate when they have the end of season cliff hanger at the end of the season cause it is months later! I hope you post some clips on your facebook page so we can have a sneak peek!!

  54. I just finished “All that he Loves.” OMG, I could not put it down when I was home! I must say I really hope you write more on Lily and Connor, as I feel like I was left hanging with Miranda and the shooting. It would be great to hear about them in a year after they are married and maybe even have Johnny and Anh hook up. Oh and of course I can’t forget Sebastian! I would definitely recommend this series to people as it really has you connect with each of the characters. Now off to read “Rock me Hard!” Thanks again for a great series and am looking forward to more of your series to come!

    • Hey Jenn!

      Thank you so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed both of them! Thanks for letting me know!

      On All That He Loves – tons of my readers have contacted me saying they loved the book overall, but were disappointed not to have everything 100% wrapped up. So I’ve decided I’m definitely going to do one last book and tie it all together. 🙂 Might take awhile – I won’t do it until after I finish the Rock series – but I’m now completely committed. 🙂

      On Rock Me Hard – true, you have a point about TV shows being back-to-back every week. I promise, if I could get them out faster, I would! Although now that I’ve just handed in my resignation and will be writing full-time, I have the chance to finally do that! 🙂 I’m even considering trying to finish ALL of the Rock series, because another thing a lot of people really hate is cliffhangers with loooong waits after them. So I’ll see what I can do.

      Thanks so much for reading the books!


  55. Thanks Olivia for ‘All That He Loves’. It was soooooo good. As I was reading it I kept looking at how much percentage was left in the book and I was like ‘oh no, please make it last longer’. I love how you keep the dialogue going and we don’t have to put up with pages of what is going on in the heads of everyone. In other books, by the time whoever answers the question I have forgotten what the question was and I have to go back like 10 pages to read the question again. The conversations between Connor, Lily, Sebastian and Johnny are very realistic and not just some contrived cliche stuff that you would think ‘nobody in real life would say things like that’. So realistic that one could use it to help give them the confidence in real life to handle situations that otherwise might be too intimidating for them – Fake it till you Make it 🙂 There is such a void, a feeling of ‘oh well I better go finish that laundry now – hmmm real exciting, when you have finished the book haha, talk about withdrawal symptoms. I haven’t read “Rock Me Hard” yet cause I want something to look forward to. As soon as I read the Addams Family line I immediately thought of Patricia and thought ‘wow Olivia put her line in the book’ that is so good. Thank you Olivia for writing Connor and Lily’s story. Please, please, please continue it like you said you might do at the end of the book.

    • Hi Mary!

      Thank you so much – I’m so glad you liked it! Haha, yeah, Patricia’s line was great! That’s cool that you recognized it as soon as you saw it! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the dialogue – I think that’s really my strong point, and it’s what I enjoy writing the most. Well, besides sex scenes. 🙂 Even Lily’s thought process is a lot like dialogue to me.

      I hope you get over the book withdrawal soon! Don’t worry – I was so surprised by the clamor of people wanting a wedding and resolution with Miranda that I’m committed to doing it now. I just have to figure out how to do it… 🙂

      Thanks again for reading the books!


  56. Olivia,
    First, WOW! I loved the new book! I have already read it twice! I am so glad that you left it open to another story. Thank you for putting it all together because otherwise I would have had heart failure with the cliffhangers. When I read the part about the Addams family I had to laugh out loud. That was too cool. Thank you for that! It made me feel awesome to see something we talked about on here show up in the book. Yes, I know you said you were putting it in there, but in the excitement of the new book I forgot about it.

    I’ll talk about Connor and Lily in the next post, but I just got through rereading Rock Me Hard, OMG!!! I stayed up until 4am reading that book and the last line about killed me! I almost posted on here then, but at that point I had been up almost 24 hours, I wasn’t sure if my grammar would be all that great, and I was a little irate. Good thing I don’t have your number or I would have been calling you and begging you for at least the next line. Just one more line! Of course then you would have been wanting to kill me. LOL.

    I absolutely love the new series! I read two “posts” on amazon last night for reviews and they said something about 80% of it being in the past. Ignore them! That last line of the book means so much more BECAUSE we know the whole back story. Anything else and it would have lessened the impact. As you can tell I am a die hard fan of your writing and I will be posting my own reviews on both books. I have watched TV shows where the first 3 minutes are the present the next 45 minutes are back in the past, then we go back to the present right before the show is over. I’m sure those people have watched those shows and not thought anything of it. So they should stop thinking about it now! If that is their only complaint, well then I guess they just needed something to complain about and that was the best they could do. Okay enough ranting over lemon suckers.

    I love Connor and Lily. I mean what woman wouldn’t want to have a billionaire fall in love with her. It’s the ultimate fairy tale. So don’t think what I’m about to say takes away from the love I have for that story. With Derek and Kaitlyn, that story takes me back to high school and my first love. His name was Kevin (kind of ironic there 🙂 ) and he wrote the sweetest notes. They were all on different colored paper, never the same color, and I still have them. Derek reminds me so much of him. I was the one who had to end it because I was moving and I regretted it for a long time. I can’t regret it anymore, not when I look at my husband and my kids. My kids wouldn’t be the same kids with anyone else and I love my husband and he is a terrific man. But that first love stays with you. I know he wasn’t Kaitlyn’s first love, but the principal is similar. She felt everything so much sharper, brighter and more terrifying with him. A lot of women are going to fall in love with this story and play a little harmless, mental game of what if with this book. You’re going to remind us all of “The One That Got Away”. Even if we no longer regret it. I don’t think I have ever read a book that I have had to do a reread the very next morning after stay up until 4am finishing it. And since my daughter had a sleepover I was up again by 8am!

    Okay I have to go for now, but I am nowhere near finish. LOL. So I expect I’ll probably have another post on here in a few hours. Thank you so much for two great stories. I am waiting not patiently at all for part two.


    P.S. If there are any spelling or grammar errors please remember 4 hours of sleep. 😉

    • Hi Patricia!

      First off, I have to tell everyone reading this, that Patricia contributed Sebastian’s line about the Addams family and Miranda being the dog. I think I added in Sebastian’s, “…and that means you’re the bitch,” but otherwise it was all her! Thank you, Patricia – that’s one of my favorite lines in the book!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Twice?! Wow, you really DID like it! Haha – you’re welcome about putting it all together. After all the emails I got about “I almost threw my Kindle across the room at the end of Part 4,” I was like, uh oh… I better not do that again… That would have been extremely cruel to make everybody wait a month or more after the end of 5 or 6, so thanks for waiting for me to put them all out at one time!

      4 AM?! And up by 8AM?!!! Oh my gosh! Sorry about that. 🙂 Yeah, I’m kind of mean with the cliffhangers, I guess… some people have raked me over the coals about that. But seriously, I kind of see these stories as a TV show rather than books or even standalone movies – and for me, TV shows have cliffhangers to get you to come back. I guess that’s one of the main reasons I do it. Plus, if I had published Billionaire Parts 1-7 as one book, I don’t know many people who would be like, “Oh, yay, a 200,000 word romance, 40% as long as WAR AND PEACE! (War and Peace is 530,000 words, supposedly.) Yeah, I’m gonna read that.”

      Actually, if I had published Billionaire as one book, I probably would have stopped after Part 3 because… daaaamn… 200,000 words is kind of intimidating for me to write. And if I had stopped after Part 3, we would have never met Miranda, or gotten to see Sebastian, or had that “makeover” scene and her going up to Connor.

      Thank you for the backup on the “80% in the past” part. I guess I can see that reviewer’s point… she wanted a hot love story with a rock star, not a fledgling rock star… but you hit it on the head about “the last line of the book means so much more BECAUSE we know the whole back story.” I actually was going to write what will probably be the first half of Part 2, jumping right into the romance, and just kind of putting in flashbacks to their first meeting… but when I started writing it, I couldn’t get a handle on Derek. I didn’t know who he was, or why Kaitlyn would be so entranced with him. So I wrote out his entire story from his viewpoint (more like an outline, really), which is where the Killian Lee story in the club came from… and then I knew who he was. And I started adding in real-life events from my own first serious romance. The Krispy Kreme scene? That actually happened, in a different way. The Dumbo conversation? Actually happened. Going to see a movie with the guy? Actually happened, although it was a movie called FLIRTING, not EASTERN PROMISES. The conversation with the burgers in the deserted parking lot? The location actually happened, although the conversation was different. My dorm room was next to the stairwell, just like I portray in the book – except my roommate wasn’t nearly as crazy (or as interesting) as Shanna. 🙂

      So I’m glad that this might prompt good memories of past loves. Writing it certainly did for me. There were a lot of things wrong with my relationship with my first real boyfriend, but there were a lot of things that were really, really right. The relationship ended badly, but it’s the only one I’ve ever had (I’m not married) where I wouldn’t trade a moment away, even if I could have escaped the pain that went along with it. I have several relationships where I look back and say, “Yeah, I wish I could have never met him.” Not with that first one. Every moment was worth it.

      Thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed them – that means a lot to me. Thank you!


  57. Olivia,
    Hi! I’m so glad that you’re back. I have been checking and checking… Hopefully you have all that spam stuff fixed now and won’t have to bother with it anymore.

    Question are you going to be able to get the next book up for pre-order? I don’t know if that takes a lot and if you’re able…..I just thought if possible it would be nice so all of us who have been waiting somewhat impatiently for the next book could have a little present on our kindles or iPads waiting for us in the form of your book.

    Anyway I won’t take up too much time right now. Just know that you have been really missed, sweetie, and we are sooooo excited about the book.

    Take care,

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m trying to implement a spam solution now. It hasn’t started, but luckily the Russian and Chinese spammers are giving me a break for awhile.

      No, unfortunately, Amazon only lets gigantic indie names have pre-order pages. For right now, all I can do is send out an email to everybody and let them know via Facebook and the blog.

      Thanks so much for the kind words – hope you’re doing well!


  58. Ok…I’ve just finished reading books 1-4 for the fifth time….I’m on edge like I’ve had 12 cups of coffee the suspense is killing me! Please hurry with the next book 🙁 I’ll keep reading them until it comes out. But the cliffhanger you left is gut wrenching! 🙁

    Waiting impatiently….:(

    • Hi Lisa,

      HOLY COW, you’ve read them five times?! You’ve read them more than I have, and I wrote them! That’s amazing!

      The good news is that writing is coming along pretty fast. I think I’ll finish up Part 6 in the next week, and Part 7 won’t be that long (knock on wood). Of course, I have to rewrite and edit, but I’m thinking I can get it out in November. Maybe even early November, if the writing fairies are kind to me.

      But knowing that you’re on the sixth re-read of the books, I promise, I’ll write as fast as I possibly can! Thank you so much for writing in, and thanks for being such a super-dedicated fan!


  59. Well, first off I just want to say that for every positive comment on this page I want to agree 200% percent. I love all the characters you have created, they are very believable – I love Lily and am so glad that you have made her a normal everyday girl, not at all like Miranda. I understand that the Lily and Connor story can’t go on forever but please drag it out as long as you can 🙂 I would love there to be a story line about how Herr Klaus wants revenge for losing his job and wants Lily to pay and he kidnaps her demanding a ransom from Connor and how Connor goes out of his mind trying to get Lily back and how he realises that this is definitely not the same as when he paid the ransom for his father and how he really loves her etc etc. Johnny and Sebastian can all feature in the rescue in some capacity, all realising their feelings towards Lily. Sigh!! Thank you so much for deciding to write the Billionaire’s Seduction. It’s sooooooooo good.

    • Hi Mary,

      Ha – you should write that as fan fiction! That’s pretty dang good! And actually, there’s an interesting twist in your plot that is sorta, kinda similar to the way things will actually go… sorta. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, though. 🙂

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books – thank you so much for reading them, and for writing in!


      • Thanks for the compliment Olivia but I would have to leave the writing to someone else 😀 I am definitely not in the same league as you as a writer. You really have me ‘champing at the bit’ now waiting to read the next installment haha. Can’t wait 🙂

  60. First, I’d like to preface that I am only beginning to read again on a regular basis, since I have two small children. When I was looking through Amazon for a new book, I saw that the first one of your books was free, which gave me the excuse to read without knowing the author. What I didn’t realize was how engrossed I would become in the storyline. After only two days after downloading the first book, I’m now done with the 4th book. I truly enjoyed your story and I’m eager to read more!

    • Hey Amy,

      That’s awesome – I’m so glad you gave the first book a shot! Thank you – and thanks for writing in!

      Good luck with the little ‘uns – hope they give you some more time to read in the near future. 🙂


  61. Hi Olivia,
    I had to go back and read #4 again and just thought of something. Well Lily and Connor have just gotten back from that extremely hot scene, and Lily wants a shower. She said Connor looks great, but like most women she doesn’t think she’s at her best after a hot, sweaty bout of sex. Now most men, who are into you that is, always think a woman looks great after sex. They’ve got that whole ego thing going, “I made her look like that”. Especially if they think, or it really was, exceptional sex. So we know that the gruesome twosome, otherwise known as Mr. and Mrs. Templeton, know what they’ve been up to. As of yet Miranda hasn’t seen Lily looking just sexed up. Yeah she saw her earlier but not with the “I’ve just been f**ked” look. Now with Lily’s insecurities we can imagine that that might put a damper in her mood, as if the Adams family haven’t done that already. But considering she just took down Mrs. Templeton, I’m wondering if we’re going to get to see her take on the biotch. Ya know Miranda makes some smartass comment about how she looks and Lily says something along the lines of “I look like this because of Connor. To bad Connor never made you look like this, if he had you’d understand I’m feeling way to awesome to care about how I look right now. But he must have found it hard to compete with the stick up your ass, considering you’re getting such a charge out of that stick all on it’s own.” 🙂 Anyway that’s one of the scenarios that have come to mind. You made me think of those, because there is not a woman out there who would want to meet the ex-girlfriend, ex- fiancé looking less than her very best. Soooooo……..anything like that gonna happen? 😉 ? Come on any little tiny hint? There must have been some reason for her to have that look, right? Or was it just for the whole hooker comment? But since Lily now realizes that Miss.Thing has already scoped her out she’s gotta get some kind of payback somehow.

    Of course if Sebastian could witness some of it that would be great. Lily and Sebastian could be like the Dynamic Duo. I can’t wait to see more of the byplay between those two. I don’t want you to think I’m trying to write the book for you, because you are doing an extremely wonderful job. Sometimes thoughts just pop in there because I can wait to see what happens next.

    Anyway I guess this post is long enough. I didn’t want to disappoint you with a short post 😉 Didn’t want you to think I was sick or something. Of course you probably see my name up there and go “Oh God, another mini book”. LOL

    P.S. I also replied to Michelle’s post up above. I hope that was okay. Keep up the great writing! On those bad days just remember that we all love your writing and are behind you! And if you ever need a pep talk, about anything, just drop me an email anytime. I would be happy to return the favor.


    • Hey Patricia,

      That’s cool, reply to whomever you want! That goes for other readers, too – if you want to have conversations, by all means, go for it!

      Hahahaha – I like the term “just f**ked look.” I might even have to borrow that. 🙂

      That’s actually a pretty good idea you have there… maybe I’ll go back and play with it in the rewrite. I’ve actually already written the first scene where Lily and Miranda have a confrontation, and I’ve written another scene later where Sebastian comes in (later in the day, in another location) and lays a smackdown on Miranda. THAT scene in particular has some pretty good lines I think you’ll enjoy. I’m toying with how I get them all together again for one final, end-of-the-world, knock-down, drag-out fight, but I’m not sure I can do it based on where I think things are going with the plot. I don’t know… we’ll see once I get there.

      And I don’t mind suggestions! In fact, I’ve already incorporated your line “the Addams family and their little dog, too” – which is now a line said by Sebastian! Thanks, it was a good one! So, see, you’re already making an impact on how things are going!


      • Olivia,
        Hi! That is so cool! About Sebastian using my line. Woohoo! So I happened to see the date today and realized that it had been a while since I was on here. It’s been really busy… school started for the kids, in-laws in to visit, Friday night football games for my boys, etc. Just crazy. But I also realized that we hopefully only have around three more months to wait for the next book. I can’t wait!

        Does Lily get to see Sebastian lay the smack down on Miranda? Just wondering, you don’t have to answer that, but it would be cool.

        I hope everything is going great for you and the writing is just flowing for you! I think this post will probably be my shortest but it’s been a really long weekend and my brain is tired. I’ll probably be on here in the next day or two with a longer one. Until then happy writing!

        • Hi Patricia/Trisha!

          Sounds like fun with the football games – and hopefully the inlaws were okay, too. 🙂

          Yes, I can actually confirm, there is a fun scene between Sebastian and Miranda. More than that, I shouldn’t say.

          The writing’s going well, thanks! And I don’t think you’ll have to wait three months, either! How long, I’m not quite sure yet…

          Thanks for writing in!


  62. OH MY Gosh!!!! I love this series!!! I’m in love with Conner and Lily’s relationship!!! But I have to say, I hate cliffhangers, so please please please hurry with the 5th book!!! I can’t wait to see how this all ends. Love Love Love your writing!!!! Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Tonya,

      Thank you so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed the books! Thanks for writing in, and thank you for the wonderfully kind words!

      And I promise, I’ll write as fast as I can! 🙂


    • Hi Julisa,

      I’ve been telling everybody December 2013, but that was largely to give myself a lot of breathing room, since Part 5 will be a full-length novel and the end of the series. I think I can finish earlier – although no promises. I would rather under-promise and over-deliver than miss a deadline by a month (or two, or three…).

      But I’ll definitely let you know as soon as it’s finished – and I will promise that I’ll be writing as fast as I can! Just be sure to sign up at to get an email as soon as the book is available.

      Thanks for reading the books!


  63. You are amazing! I am a huge fan after this weekend… I started reading and couldn’t put it down!! I read all the books this weekend n I am already itching for books 5-6-7-8-9-10 lol well u get the point lol I don’t want their story to end!! May you have HUGE success with your books & life.

    • Hi Trudy,

      Awww – thank you so much, I really appreciate that! And I’m so glad you found my books – thank you for reading them!


  64. Come on, come on, come on come on, come on, come on, come on – hurry up with the next book… I am another reader who got suckered into the free book and enjoyed the inner monologue style of writing and the characters so much that I had to go and buy the other 3 straight away not realising it wasn’t a complete series …

    Having spent the last day and a half reading these books I need to know what is going to happen and I need to know now! Is Sebastian going to bitch slap that heinous beast of a mother into next week … failing that, will Lily do it… failing that I’ll gladly do it! Will Connor realise that Vincent and the vacuous socialite really do deserve each other and he had a lucky escape – he had better otherwise there may be mutiny by the readers (this is after all a romance)? Will Connor totally shaft his (and I use this word very loosely) ‘family’… I bloody well hope so – rotter’s the lot of them!

    Please do not make us wait until December… and if it is not the last book please write them all now and publish them all within days of each other!!!!

    • Hey Jade,

      Hahaha! I love your suggestions, especially Sebastian bitch-slapping Lenora! That would be EPIC.

      I promise, I’ll write it as fast as I can. And it will be huge – actually, it would normally be Parts 5, 6, and 7; that seems to be what I plotted out in my outline. 5 and 6 would have ended with even worse cliffhangers than Part 4. But I won’t make you suffer through that. 🙂 It will all be in one complete book.

      Also, I said December partly to give myself a LOOOOOT of breathing room… but I think I can finish it before then. No promises, but I think so.

      Thanks so much for reading the books!


  65. I Just read all 4 of them last night.. I really like book number 4 you get to know the characters more. I couldn’t but it down. Do you have an Idea when number 5 is coming out?

    • Hey V! Thanks so much for writing in and letting me know!

      Right now, I’m aiming for Christmas 2013 for Part 5 – but that’s because it will be looooong, and the final book in the series, I think. And if I finish it earlier than that, I’ll definitely put it out earlier.

      Thanks for reading the books!


  66. I adore your books! If I were good at writing I would reword every compliment you have already received in the prior messages. All of the ladies have voiced everything I would have liked to say first! Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I didn’t find your books until two days ago! They had already had the pleasure of formulating their thoughts and letting you know how much we all love your writing and characters! (but they will also have been waiting longer by the time we get to read another one!) I’m very glad I didn’t have to wait in between these installments – no longer than it took for me to log back into Amazon to purchase parts 2-4 after I finished part 1 anyway!! Thanks so much for a wonderful story – I won’t mind rereading what I have until I have the pleasure (wink, wink) of reading the next… and the next…and the next, maybe the next – who cares as long you want to keep writing their story, we will keep reading and waiting!!! Love it!!

    PS – I LOVE Patricia – I could be her best friend if she lived in my area!! My husband’s hobby is motorcycles – very hard to get his attention sometimes, but I have a few good ideas now!

    Thanks again – you have made my summer very fun!! :):)
    Totally looking forward to my Christmas vacation!!

    • Hey Michelle!

      Hahahaha – I LOVE that I could liven up your summer vacation, and look forward to spicing up your Christmas vacation, too! See, that was totally original of you – I’m, like, ‘the vacation spicer-upper’!

      I’m so glad you found the series and that you’ve enjoyed it so much. Yes, can you imagine the poor folks who found it just after Part 2? (I published 1 & 2 at the same time, back in December 2012.) I’m glad you didn’t have to wait too long to read Parts 3 & 4. Sorry about Part 5! I promise I’ll get it out as soon as I can!

      Yes, Patricia’s great! She actually wrote me an email, and I’ve been encouraging her to try her hand at writing. Anybody reading this: if you want to know anything about writing or self-publishing, or need any encouragement, just write a comment here or drop me a line at if you’re shy and don’t want the whole world to see. I’d be glad to pass on what little I know about self-publishing, and encourage you in any way I can. Lord knows I’ve appreciated every single one of your kind words on this blog and elsewhere! That’s one of the hardest things starting out – feeling like you’re alone, and nobody will ever read or like what you do. That’s why everybody’s kind words have been so wonderful: because I know I’m not alone anymore.

      So thank you, Michelle, for letting me know! And thank you to everybody else, too!


    • Michelle,
      Thank you so much! I’ve never had someone, besides the author, comment on my post. So that’s awesome! You’re not by any chance in AL are you? Haha. We could be neighbors and not even know it! Anyway if not there’s always blog friends 😉

      And Olivia is understating things a little. She’s has given me A LOT of wonderful information. That’s not including the little pep talks she has given me that make you feel like you could actually do it. I could actually write. So I’ve been working on it and, no longer if, but when I finish I’m going to include Olivia in the dedication. Thank you so much Olivia! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you. I know I haven’t been on here lately but it’s just been so busy around here. Today I realize that I missed coming on here and checking out the post and I find Michelle’s post! And your return post including me! Awwww it gave me warm fuzzies! It’s like catching up with friends.

      BTW I’ve tried out a few things in the bedroom and while I have to admit my husband doesn’t pay attention for the whole conversation, because face it we’re women and love to talk, he does at least pay attention in the beginning. His birthday is next week and I just spent about $75 on an outfit from Victoria’s Secret. Not an outfit that will ever leave the house, hint hint. But I don’t expect him to have a conversation with me while I’m wearing it though, and if he can, well..then he won’t ever have to worry about talking again cause I’ll have to kill him. 😉

      Anyway I hope you ladies have a great day! I’ve miss being on here, but I’m back now so watch out for all my reaaally long posts 🙂


      • I just wanted to add that conversations was not meant as an euphemism for bedroom antics. Just that since I have spiced things up some in the bedroom, conversations outside of the bedroom have gotten a little better. I only lose him about halfway through now! LOL.

        😉 Patricia

        • Patricia –

          HAHAHA! I actually thought it was a euphemism when I first read it, and I was like, “Dang, Patricia’s Hubbie, you’re losing focus half-way?!” Good to know that’s not the case, and thanks for the clarification!


      • Hey Patricia,

        You would put me in the dedication?! Awwwww… (blushing) And I’m so happy to hear you’re coming along with the book – that’s fantastic! People ask me about writing and I give them what advice I can, but then I ask them six months later how it’s going and they’re like, “Oh, no, I haven’t had time to sit down and start yet.” So that’s fantastic that you’re DOING it! So proud of you!

        Hahaha – hope he enjoys that Victoria’s Secret outfit! My guess is it won’t be staying on long! 😉


  67. I started the books yesterday and finished the 4th today! It is torture! Great booksand a great story, I feel like I know them all personally!

    • Hey Christine,

      Sorry to torture you! I hope it’s the good kind, though! So glad you enjoyed the books, and especially that the characters seem real to you – they certainly feel real to me, so I’m glad that came through!

      Thank you for reading the books and for writing in!


  68. OMG! I just keep screaming “Oh no!!!, It’s done!” I read all four books in two days!! I had to force myself to go to bed! (My husband thanks you “effusively” by the way) 🙂 I’m not sure I can survive until Christmas!! No pressure, but I mean if you happen to finish early…..I love, love, love Sebastian!! (I’ve given him the voice of Roger from “American Dad!) I’m a voracious reader and I know it’s a great book when i start having sidebar conversations with the characters! (Please dont think I’m crazy)! On another note, i totally looked up Charles Dance-50 shades! You’re right! Daaaaayyyyuuuummm! Please stay encouraged n uplifted! And pleeeeaassee Hurrrryy with book #5!….no pressure tho….. 🙂

    • Hi Zee,

      Hahahahahaha! I about bust a gut on “Roger from ‘American Dad'”! That’s not how I hear him, but that is pretty dang awesome – and hilarious!

      That’s fantastic about your sidebar conversations with the characters! Are you kidding? I wouldn’t think you’re crazy – I mean, I talk to them all the time when I’m writing the book, so I’m just glad to know that they’re that real to you!

      The Charles Dance clip – I know, right? Not only is he hilarious, but DAAAAAAAYYYYYUUUM! That voice when he’s reading Christian… it gives me shivers. The good kind.

      I promise, if I finish Part 5 early, I’ll DEFINITELY publish it as soon as it’s ready. Thanks so much for reading the books!


      PS – Tell your husband he’s welcome! 😉

      • Ok, so here’s the deal! I’ve become a STALKER! I literally find myself checking this blog for updates on Book #5! It’s a sickness, seriously. every few days I look to see if you’ve decided to put us out of our misery.*sigh* Oh well, back to “lurking” for me I guess O_o

        • Zee,
          I hope you don’t mind that I replied to your post, but I totally understand. I have been checking back every day this week to see if there was anything new. I looked today to see if Olivia had posted anything new and saw the last time she posted was in August. I’m just hoping that means everything is going good in her life and she is super busy writing. Fingers crossed! I can’t wait for #5 too!

          And Olivia we do hope everything is going good in your life and in your writing.


          • Thanks! Everything’s going pretty well – I’m getting reaaaaaal close to the first gigantic, super-important scene in Book 6, which is one of things I’ve been wanting to write in the series since Sebastian was introduced.

            How’s that for a teaser? 🙂

        • Hey Zee!

          Haha – you’re a nice stalker, though! Trust me, you’ll know a couple of weeks before Book 5 comes out because I’ll be trumpeting it from the rooftops! There definitely won’t be any announcements before October 15th, though, so you can relax till then. And there might not be any announcements on October 15th, either, I was just pulling that out of the air. Make sure to check out my Facebook page, too, since I update it a lot more regularly than the blog:

          And make sure you sign up for the email mailing list. That will be the number one way I tell everybody.

          Thanks for writing in!


  69. I read all 4 books in two days and eagerly anticipating the 5th! Around Christmas? It’ll be a fantastic one then….

    Love the details in your writing and the characters….especially love how Lily isn’t some supermodel looking woman. She’s realistic enough to relate to..

    Can’t wait for the next one!!

    • Hi Therese,

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed them! And I’m glad you like how Lily’s not a supermodel-looking girl. I guess I wanted a chance at smokin’ hot, awesome guy, and I’m living vicariously through Lily. 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading the books!


    • Hi Nancy!

      Thank you so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I’m shooting for December 2013. But it will be a full-size novel, hence the longer waiting time. Aaaaand… if the writing goes smoothly… then I’ll definitely publish it before then. I’m just trying to give myself some wiggle room. Also, if it turns into a monster (120,000+ words), I’ll probably divide it into two parts.

      Thanks for reading the series!


  70. Just found your books this weekend….. read all 4 of I cant wait until the next one comes out!!!
    Paying 2.99 for them is nothing… they are worth it!!
    I cant wait to see what Sebastian has to say when he gets to Vegas….

    Thanks for a wonderful weekend spent with Connor, Lily, Johnny, and Sebastian!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Awwwww… thank you! I appreciate that!

      I never know exactly how a scene is going to play out – like, I had no idea what Lily was going to say to Mrs. Templeton until it actually happened – but I am hoping for a couple of awesome scenes between Lily and Sebastian. Just having them in the same room together should be incredibly fun to write.

      You’re very welcome – thank you for writing in and letting me know! And thanks for reading the series!


  71. Love, Love the books so PLEASE hurry with number 5. Read all 4 this weekend and now it’s killing me to not know where Lily and Connor go from here.

    • Hi Summer!

      Haha – ‘holy dysfunctional Templetons,’ now THAT’S for sure. Truer word was never spoke. Glad you’re enjoying the books, and thanks for writing in!


  72. Hi Loved loved LOVED the books. YES ! got the 1st one free and I was hooked and really $2.99 for the others books was GREAT Im not complaining its a great price I’m happy to pay that.
    I love the Lilly and Sebastian thing. Looking forward to them meeting. Im sure Sebastian will see Lilly for who she is and love her as we do.
    Although I thought Lilly rambled a bit in the 1st book BUT because of it I now know and see her better and understand her. I love how see sets Connor straight such a normal girl, What you see is what you get + some…. wont take Connors crap.
    I laughed and laughed loved the one liners and the referance to not having a good come backs ( I can really relate ) I’m glad Lilly did. I even shared with my hubby and he had a good laugh too!
    Connor what can I say Humm WOW loved the discriptions 🙂 .
    What’s with Connor pocketing her Panties? He never seems to return them! lol.
    Even though he gets Lilly into compromising situations he’s always a gentleman and protects her, stands up for her and some times stands up to her.
    Johnny well poor bugger keeps getting ditched? I loved that he scared Lilly and how easily he talks with Connor.
    The ADAMS Family + 1 humm. Please let Connor be strong!
    Any way I can’t wait for 5 6 & 7 happy to read them all. I’ve shared you on my facebook here in Aus so I hope it helps!! XXXXX

    • Hey Gresilda!

      I’m so glad you found the series and are enjoying it! And thanks about the price – I’m glad you don’t mind. I promise, after Part 2 being $2.99, I have tried to give everybody a lot more bang for their buck. (Or three bucks, I guess.)

      Haha – glad you like Lily and Sebastian! Actually, I just outlined out some scenes last night, and I really think folks will like Sebastian and Lily’s main time together. And I think I’ve figured out a way to get Lily, Miranda, and Sebastian in the same scene together, which should be FUN. I know you haven’t seen anything of Miranda yet, but it should be good. She’s not going to be like Mrs. Templeton – where Mrs. Templeton is loud, Miranda will be cool, calm, and level. But even more devastating verbally. (I hope.) A showdown with her should be fun.

      Hahahahaha! I about died laughing when you brought up the panties issue! I hadn’t even thought about that – hmmmm, I wonder what Connor’s doing with those? Maybe he’ll give them back in the next book. 🙂

      Yes, I wish real life were more like books, where I could write in zingers for myself. I NEVER have good comebacks. I just stand there and stutter, or my mouth falls open and nothing comes out. (Luckily, though, I haven’t encountered any people in my life as bad as the Templetons.)

      Thank you so much for telling folks about me and the books – I really, really appreciate it!


      • Okay I just finished All that He Requires, I have to know when book #5 comes out. I will miss Lily and Connor and of course, Sebastian until I can get my hands on book 5!

        Thanks Ms Thorne for writing a wonderful series.

        • Hi Claudia,

          You’re very welcome – and thank you for writing in! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series!

          As for Part 5’s release date, I’ve been telling everybody December 2013, but that was largely to give myself a lot of breathing room, since Part 5 will be a full-length novel and the end of the series. I think I can finish earlier – although no promises. I would rather under-promise and over-deliver than miss a deadline by a month (or two, or three…).

          But I’ll definitely let you know as soon as it’s finished – and I will promise that I’ll be writing as fast as I can! Just be sure to sign up at to get an email as soon as the book is available.

          Thanks again for reading the books and for writing in!


  73. AMAZING BOOKS! Really, really loved them and can’t wait for the next 20 books on Connor & Lily! I read all 4 in 2 days and the only reason it took THAT long was that I needed to squeeze in some housework I had ignored while reading! Lol. Seriously love this story and can’t wait for the next book. I’m a romantic at heart what can I say. Anybth

    • Hi Tina!

      Thank you so much! Haha – I love that you would like to see 20 more installments, but I think some other readers would hunt me down and shoot me first! But as soon as I finish Part 5 and resolve what’s going on with Connor and Lily, I’ll start thinking about what could potentially happen after that…

      Well, I’m going to do my best to have Part 5 out before Christmas 2013 – but it will be a full-length novel, I think. That’s the plan – twice as long as Part 3 or 4. If it gets longer than that, I might subdivide it into two parts. Sometime in December 2013, that’s my goal – but if I finish earlier than that, I’ll definitely put it out then!

      Thanks so much for reading the books!


  74. Ugh!!! Major cliffhanger there! Now I really have no patience. Darn it! Great read! Love the new book, but you’re killing me. I’m just going to wish you luck and hope Lily and Connor cooperate so that you can get the story done, with it being as great as the last four books have been. I think the only way you could have made the cliffhanger any worse was if we had progressed to the point where Connor asked Lily to marry him and you ended it there. Oh shoot, pleeeease don’t take any ideas from that.!?! But it was really great seeing more of Johnny and Sebastian. I can’t wait to see the meeting between Lily and Sebastian. Of course that probably be after we get rid of the Adams Family and their little dog too! (Miranda that is). 😉 I shouldn’t say that because I liked the Adams Family, but Psycho only had a dead mom and her son.

    I’m torn, I really really want to get to the happily ever after part, but I don’t really want to see their story end. So I guess I’m up for “five. Maybe six. Seven at the most”. I won’t howl and scream at you, but maybe you could make the cliffhangers a little less heart failure like. I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of women over the world going “WHAAAAT, that’s the end, there is no more!?!?” As they scroll back and forth between the pages making sure they didn’t miss a page or ten! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks so much for the great read. Now I’m going to have to go back and read it again, just to torture myself. But at least I can reread while I wait for the next one!

    • I wanted to say one thing about my comments. They were in no way a criticism. Sometimes post can be written one way and taken another. Your book was awesome and the cliffhanger did what it was supposed to, it left me hanging and wanting so much more. So when you read that humongous post (sorry LOL) just know that when I was writing it I was laughing and happy not snipping at you. And no I’m not a blog or post stalker 😉 I just really love the books, recently move to a new state, so haven’t had a chance to make new friends, and my husband is so into sports that unless I can say something good about them it’s hard to get his attention for a conversation. Any way thank you and sorry for writing so much!

      • Hey Patricia,

        Hahahaha – don’t worry, I know you like the book! You’re always super-complimentary! Believe me, I know how it is to get to the end of a story you’re really enjoying and then have it be “To Be Continued.” So I completely sympathize. I’m just glad that you’re onboard with the series and enjoy it enough to put up with that! And seriously, if I just sat down to write this and publish it as one book, I probably would have ended it with Part 3 – have them kiss, make up, and move on – and we never would have gotten to meet Connor’s parents, who I LOVE writing. They’re just such terrible people. And Miranda…I would have never written her. She’s not that great yet, but I can’t wait to give her something really evil to do. And I wouldn’t write the scenes I have in my mind between Sebastian and Lily, coming up in Part 5. So, even though the serial format does kind of suck in some aspects for readers, it actually gave me a lot more time to think and kind of let things simmer, and occasionally inspiration strikes and gives me something I wouldn’t have thought of ordinarily.

        Awww…I hope you find some cool friends, and as for your husband…maybe give him the “good parts” of the book and see if he’ll, ahem, act out Connor’s part in some of them! Seriously, I love it when readers write in, and hardly anybody ever does (hint hint to all you other readers looking at this!), so I’ve been loving your comments – thank you so much for writing in! Feel free to keep ’em coming!


    • Hey Patricia!

      I love the “Adams Family” and “the little dog, too” bit!

      Haha – I know there’s another point that would have made a great cliffhanger – but I think people will KILL me if I use it. That’s why I’m going to try to get it all done in the next book, so I don’t get angry people coming after me! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s weird…I know people want to see a final resolution…and I do, too, in a way…but I really love these characters, and it will hurt when I don’t have another book to look forward to. Like saying goodbye to friends who are moving across the world, and you’re afraid you’ll never see them again.

      But that’s not an excuse for a Part 8, that’s just me getting all sentimental. And, I suppose, I COULD always bring them back for more adventures if people demand it, and if I can think of a good enough storyline to justify it.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed Part 4 – sorry it couldn’t have been longer!


      • Please don’t think I was doing the poor pitiful me about just moving. I’ve always been the type of person that I find that one great friend and I’m good. And thankfully I am still friends with all of them that I have made throughout my life. (Although one move to Australia and I lost contact after a few years.) I’ve never been able to have more than that one best friend because women in masses are crazy. LOL 🙂

        Anyway who says you actually have to end it? I wouldn’t mind if you just kept going. Make a series out of them, but first finish the part where we get to the love. 😉 He’s a billionaire, we could keep coming back for their adventures and of course some angst and drama. Maybe see Lily kick butt at the job Connor mentioned, but not too much work, we’ll still need lots of time for play. The possibilities are endless! You could just change it from cliffhangers everytime to a complete story at a time. I mean after you get to where you are thinking you want to end it now. I’ve been reading Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb, Eve Dallas series) for over 16 years. And if she ever ends that I’m going to be crushed. Charlaine Harris just ended a series and it was almost like my best friend died. I’ve been so upset I can’t even do rereads yet. I’ll get there but right now I’m still mourning. Really not joking there.

        I’ve read a few comments about your books and I have to say I am extremely disappointed is some people. Some people cannot just take a story, let it make them laugh, cry, get a little excited (ahem), and just enjoy it. They have to find something wrong with it. Either the length, the amount of sex (as in too much, ( is there really such a thing!?!)), or not enough sex, or the book costs too much. I have paid $29.95 for a book before and would do it again it if was a story from one of the authors I read religiously. (The too much sex was a comment about Laurell K. Hamilton’s books, and really griped my butt). If they don’t like it, don’t freaking read it. Leave my authors alone! Some people just have to be able to complain about something. They are just like that and always will be. You know the saying, “You can please everyone some of the time, and some people all of the time, but you cannot please everyone all of the time”. So just set out to please yourself and those of us who love your stories will always keep coming back for more!

        The fact that the format gave you more time to think and come up with more ideas gives me hope. That means if you don’t set boundaries for yourself about this story you could possible make it into a series. I don’t really want to see a finally resolution, just a more stable one. So the sky is limit, shoot for the moon and we will follow along with you!

        On a side note it would be really cool if Johnny and Sebastian both ganged up on Connor and told him not to let Lily go. Maybe Johnny and Sebastian ask Lily to give Connor a chance or they tell her some as of yet unknown fact about Connor that opens up their relationship a little more. Yeah a little, been there done that before with other authors, but sometime billionaires need a little help seeing what’s right in front of them. Of course that would be even better after Lily puts Miranda in her place. I cracked up when she took “Mrs. Templeton” down. It’s so true that you always think of the perfect comeback later and get so upset that you couldn’t think of it when it counted!

        Oh and if you’d like, feel free to use the “Adams Family and their little dog too”. That’d be awesome! I don’t know why I said all that about the book (see over paragraph), you know where you are going and you’re doing a wonderful job of getting there. I just really love the characters. Sebastian makes me laugh, and Johnny is cool. The way that Lily can surprise him and is on his side about security is obviously something he hasn’t had before.

        Anyway sorry for my little mini book here. 😉 I couldn’t stop myself. That is until I went to check it for errors and realized that it was so long! Take care, thank you for posting back, and keep writing!

        • Hi Patricia!

          Okay, I’m glad to hear that the move is better than I thought. That’s awesome that you’ve kept so many good friends through the years and different places – here’s hoping you find that one awesome friend where you are now!

          You know, that’s not a bad suggestion about continuing the series, but as something else. I personally am so focused on finishing this next part that I haven’t considered much beyond it. A number of people have mentioned something similar…but like you said, or implied, I think that anything that comes after this would have to be a slightly different animal. Right now it’s most definitely erotic romance, with the emphasis being on “will they or won’t they stay together?” But anything after that would have to be something different. And the idea of having long, standalone novels is a good one. I’ll have to think about it…after I finish the next part(s)! But those are great points about Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb and Charlaine Harris. I’ve read a few of the Sookie books and I like them, but I have a friend who LOVES them, and like you, she’s mourning the series’ end. (Although she hasn’t been happy with the last couple.) It really is like someone died, or a long-term relationship ended.

          Haha – yeah, I have to admit, I’m a little bummed out by some of the comments, especially about price. I understand people being annoyed about the $2.99 for Part 2, but I’ve consciously tried to make Parts 3 & 4 longer and pack more into them. But I understand…there are definitely authors out there who abuse the system, who charge a lot for 20 or 30 pages, and then go on to do another 20 or 30 pages for the next book. I think those authors have poisoned the well for the rest of us. And there are also really good authors out there who are providing full-length books for 99 cents, so $2.99 looks expensive by comparison. But seriously, those 99 cent folks – I have no idea how they’re making a living (if they’re trying to). At 99 cents, an author makes 35 cents on Amazon. The main reason I charge $2.99 is because from $2.99 to $9.99, Amazon gives authors 70% royalties. If you charge $2.98, you only make 35%. So I charge the least I can and still stay in that 70% royalty bracket. I want to quit the day job and write for a living (so you and other readers can have more books, and faster!), but I can’t do that with 99 cent books. It’s economically impossible, unless I’m selling 15,000+ books a month. And I’m waaaaaay far away from that.

          Anyway, pity party time over. As long as I have far more readers who are happy than those who aren’t, then I’m okay. And so far, the vast majority of folks are really positive, cool, friendly, and supportive. I’m extremely lucky to have so many great readers – and even luckier that Amazon let me make the first part free, which let a lot of those readers find me. Amazon letting books be listed for free is pretty rare, and you have to jump through a lot of hoops – so I was incredibly fortunate that it happened.

          Haha – ohhhhh, Johnny and Sebastian will have all sorts of things to say to Connor in Part 5, believe you me. 🙂

          And I might just use the Addams family quote and the dog line! That sounds like something Sebastian might say…

          Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, Patricia – I really appreciate it! And to any other readers reading this, if you’ve bought the books and followed the story, thank YOU, too!

          Drop me a line anytime, Patricia! You can reach me at, too, if you want.


  75. It’s June 28 at 3pm and I just finished Book 4 and am officially hanging by my teeth for Book 5. Why are you wasting time reading this…..GO WRITE!!!!!
    PS: So far, great series–love the characters and seriously hope Connors’ head doesn’t get lodged too far up his arse to function now that Miranda has re-surfaced……..

    • Hi Josie!

      Haha – wow, you finished that FAST! I WILL have to write faster! I’m really glad you enjoyed it – and I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, but I really, REALLY want to write a Lily vs. Miranda scene… I have to figure out a way to get that in Part 5…

      Thanks so much for reading the books!


  76. I’m dying here….waiting for the new book on my Kindle. I keep checking !! I read the other 3 books in less than 2 days !! Cannot wait to see what happens !!! Thank you for the great books so far !!!

  77. I do have to confess. I have spent waaaay to much money on ebooks this month and my bank account was getting upset with me. Really upset! So as I was looking for yet another book to read I found #1 in the series for free. What could be better than that?!? I didn’t realize at the time that it was #1 though and there was more of them. So after downloading it and reading it, I realize I got sucked in. Who new that it was a marketing ploy to suck you in, so you had to go back for the rest;-) LOL When I got to the end it was a mad scramble to get the next, and I since I was already at Amazon I bought 2 and 3 together. After I read them I realized there was another one. Then I couldn’t find four and had to check your website before I could let it go and head to bed before the sun rose. I have lots of favorite authors I read, and am always looking for more. Because let’s face it, now matter how much we like the stories, you all have to have time to write them. And the longer my list of favorites authors is the more books I can read while I waiting on the writing of another one. I’ve just added another author to the list and I’ll be on the look out for all your new releases. Thanks so much for the laugh out louds (at least my husband and kids were asleep and didn’t look at me like I was crazy, I get those looks a lot when I crack up at books) and for the heartfelt and real emotions of the characters. I hope I’ve been able to make you feel at least a little bit as good as reading your stories made me feel! Thanks so much, and hurry up tomorrow!

    • Hey Patricia,

      Haha – sorry about that…I mean, I’m glad you enjoyed the books, just – sorry to add to your bank account’s woe’s. 🙂

      Yeah, I was incredibly lucky that Amazon let the book go to free status – authors have to jump through a LOT of hoops to get there. But it’s totally worth it. Trying to get discovered these days by new readers is brutal, so I’m so glad you picked up the first one! Thank you!

      And thank you for all the kind words – I really appreciate that! I’m glad you enjoy the humor, that’s actually my second-favorite part of writing these (after the naughty scenes, of course)!

      I just hit “Publish” on the Amazon account page, so Part 4 should be for sale in about 12 hours! (Sometime in the morning on Friday, June 28th.)

      Thanks again for reading the series and for writing in!


  78. Thank you so much for the great books. I read all of them in a few hours and went for number four. It’s not out yet but thankfully I only have to wait two more days. Or I guess it’s less now since it’s almost 4 in the morning. I have no patience so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t find your writing earlier in the year. I’m going to be really tried tomorrow, but thanks for the great reading tonight. If number 4 was out now I would be staying up to read it too 😉 So I guess I’m grateful I’ll get a little sleep. But at least you know I couldn’t put them down. Thank you again!

    • Okay that was supposed to be tired not tried, so I guess I’m more tired that I thought. LOL. Anyway thank you again!

    • Hi Patricia!

      Wow – thank you so much – that’s one of the best compliments anybody can pay a writer, that they couldn’t put down the book! I’m glad, though, that you got a chance to get at least a few hours’ sleep, so maybe it’s a good thing Part 4 wasn’t out yet! My pleasure – and thank you so much for writing in and letting me know how much you’re enjoying the series!


  79. I can’t wait for Book 4 – All That He Requires! I read the first 3 books in a day & a half! I am so looking forward to finding out what happens with Connor & Lily. Number 4 can not get on the shelves quick enough! 🙂 Thank you!!

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them – Friday, June 28th, that’s the big day! Hope you enjoy Part 4!

  80. I literally read all 3 billionaire’s seduction books in 2 days and can’t wait for book 4. Please hurry but make it wonderful!

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