Discussion of All That He Wants Volume 2

This is a safe place to ask me anything you want about ALL THAT HE WANTS (Volume 2) – and you can let ‘er rip with spoilers. I’ll answer individual comments as best I can, and I’ll address the best comments in the body of the blog post.

If you have not read ALL THAT HE WANTS (Volume 2 of the Billionaire’s Seduction) – if you have only read up to All That He Requires (Part 4) where Connor and Lily first meet Miranda and the Templetons – then, for the love of God, LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW, because you will ruin all of Volume 2.

Seriously. If you haven’t read Volume 2, go now! Quickly! Before you See things you cannot Unsee!

…still here?

Okay, you’ve been warned…